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Jago Kalan

Jago Kalan
Jago kalan is situated South-West of City Phalia.Its founder is grandfather of Azhar Iqbal Tarar and his name is Ch. Rahmit Ali Tarar. People are very nice and village situated between Chak Abbdulla  and Qadir Abad. In South of it is river Chenab. The population of my village is about 2000 people. Many people are living abroad to earn money and support their familes in their village.
گاؤں کی مشہور اور ی تعليم يافتہ شخصيات:
Ch.Tazheer Shahzad Tarar Advocate High Court
Ch. Azhar Iqbal Tarar Learned Advocate
Ch. Mubushir Iqbal Tarar Advocate
گاوں کی اہم ذاتیں
گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات:
Chak Abbdullah and Qadirabqd
اپنے گاوں کے مسائل اور ضروریات لیکھیں:
no Circkt Ground


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