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Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

jazz weekly internet packages

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages Code 2022

Jazz offer numbers of weekly packages for its valuable users like Jazz Weekly Internet Packages. Jazz has a wide range of weekly internet bundles like Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer, Jazz Work From Home, Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer (for different cities) Jazz Haftawar All Round package, Jazz Weekly Hybrid, Jazz Weekly Social Plus, Jazz Weekly Premium Package and many more. Scroll down to know the correct subscription code for Jazz Weekly Internet packages .

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For more, Mobilink Jazz internet packages and information regarding best bundles, you need to scroll down and navigate to your favorite weekly internet bundle. We have listed out all the weekly internet packages on this page for our visitors.

Network Package Data Validity Prices
Jazz Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer 25000 MBs
7 Days Rs. 85
Jazz Jazz Free Music Bundle 350 MBs 7 Days Rs. 90
Jazz Jazz Work From Home Bundle 10000 MBs

(10 GBs)

7 Days Rs. 95
Jazz Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer 2000 MBs

(2 GBs)

7 Days Rs. 100
Jazz Jazz Weekly Youtube & Social 5000 MBs

(5 GBs)

7 Days Rs. 110
Jazz Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer 10000 MBs

(10 GBs)

7 Days Rs. 119
Jazz Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only) 1000 MBs

(1 GB)

7 Days Rs.120
Jazz Jazz Weekly Hybrid 1000 MBs

(1 GB)

7 Days Rs.126
Jazz Jazz Weekly Social Plus 8000 MBs

(8 GBs)

7 Days Rs.150
Jazz Jazz Weekly Premium 3G, 4G Package 4000 MBs

(4 GBs)

7 Days Rs.169
Jazz Jazz Weekly All Network Package 3000 MBs

(3 GBs)

7 Days Rs.182
Jazz Jazz Weekly Mega 8000 MBs

(8 GBs)

7 Days Rs.220
Jazz Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer 6000 MBs

(6 GBs)

7 Days Rs.228
Jazz Jazz Weekly Super Plus 12000 MBs

(12 GBs)

7 Days Rs.269
Jazz Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer 15000 MBs

(15 GBs)

7 Days Rs.280
Jazz Jazz Weekly Super Max 30000 MBs

(30 GBs)

7 Days Rs.337

For latest and more packages, go to the Jazz Official Website.


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