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Jokalian جوکالیاں

Tariq Saleem Mirza

Village Jokalian Tariq Saleem Mirza

Info Provided by: Tariq Saleem Mirza

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A Little Introduction:

Jokalian the village of Tahsel Phalia district Mandi baha u din


Nearest village:

  • East Khoosar
  • West Thata Chani
  • South River Chenab
  • North Chak Mitha


Famous Personalities of village:

  • TARIQ SLEEM MIRZA ( CHAIRMAN   LOCAL Ushar zakaat Committee 
  • Ch Zafer Ullaa Tarar 

Main Cost of the village:

  1. Tarkhan (Mughal)
  2. Muslim Shaikh
  3. Mahajer
  4. Mochi
  5. Naee
  6. Jatt
  7. Arraien and others
  8. Tarar


Crops of the village:

  1. Munjee
  2. Gandam
  3. Gana
  4. Bajra
  5. Makay and others

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