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Kattowal is situated at the left bank of Jehlum River and it is a small village in Malakwal subdivision of Mandibahauddin District. It has a toltal population of approximately 1500 inhabitants, with all of them Muslims.

Nearby Villages

It is surrounded by the village of Muradwal and Phaphra.

People of this Village

About two third of the village population is associated with agriculture. Most of the farmers are small landowners owning less than ten acres.

Major Crops of the Village



Rice and Patatos are the major crpos.

Schools and Religious Institutions

In addition with two primaray schools (one for each gender) there are three mosques in which basic religious education is provided to the people.

High Qualified Personalities

  • M. Aslam Shahzad, (Govt High School, Haria)
  • M. Akram Zaheer (Superintendent)
  • Shabaz Akram (Govt. College Boys, Malakwal)

People of the Village

Village’s disputes are often settled by a committee (Panchyat) headed by Ch.Ghulam Qadir Gondal who is a respected personality of the area.

  1. Among other famous persons of the villages are Nawazish Ali Gondal (a leading farmer) ,
  2. Ch.Ahmad Yar Gondal (a leading farner) ,
  3. Khizer Hayat Gondal (Seceretary Civil Services Reforms) ,
  4. Sikandar Hayat Gondal (a retired army officer) ,
  5. Ahmad Naveed Gondal (Supritendent District Jail)
  6. Tanveer Abbas Gondal (District Excise & Taxation Officer) .
  7. Ch. Arshad Nawaz (Post Master, Mong)
  8. Fasel Iqbal (Wapda Dept, Malakwal)
  9. Ch. Khizar Hayat (Hayat Market)
  10. Kamran Akram (Katowal Ads)
  11. Zeeshan Akram (Kattowal Ads)


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