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Khad Rate In Pakistan Today – DAP Fertilizer Price In Pakistan

Khad Rate In Pakistan Today - DAP Fertilizer Price In Pakistan

Khad Rate In Pakistan Today

Fertilizer prices are increasing continuously. Fertilizers/Khad perform in the growth of crops.

Below Fertilizer prices are issued by respective companies Fuji Fertilizer FFC, Pakrab Fertilizers Limited, Fatima Fertilizer.

Fertilizer / Khad Average Price per 50 KG Bag
DAP – Sarsabz Rs. 12,000 to 12,910
DAP (Sona, Pakarab or FFC) Rs. 12,000 – 13,000
Efert. Agritrade Zorawar Rs. 12,175
MOP – FFC Rs. 11,900 – 12,100
NPK Rs. 8,000 – 8,100
Sarsabz CAN-F Rs. 2,099
Sarsabz CAN-G Rs. 2,120
Sarsabz NP Rs. 9,370
Sona Boran (3 KG pack) Rs. 950
Sona Zinc Granular (3 KG pack) Rs. 2,250
SOP Granular Rs. 11,570
SOP granular- FFC Rs. 15,500 – 16,000
SSP 2,000 to 2,500
Urea – Sarsabz or Sona Rs. 3,300 – 3,400

DAP is used by farmers as a fertilizer. When applied as a plant feed, it temporarily raises soil pH, but in the long term the treated soil becomes more acidic than before, due to nitrification of ammonium.

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There are several brands available for DAP that farmers can buy, brands like FFC, Sarsabz, Sona are generally preferred by farmers to buy and use for farming. Fuji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited is Pakistan’s leading company that manufactures DAP for farmers.



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