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Khai                      Info. by Khizar Hayat Gondal Advocate

History of the village 

In 207( eeswi),there were old houses in the village .A man named as ISMAIL was living at the present site of the village khai. 10 to 15 homes were also available there at that time.People of the village were enterd in Islam in the tenure of HAZRAT UMAR FAROOQ (R A).
THE old name of the village is noor pur tahlianwala.once there lived a old man named as Noor Muhaamad.He was the owner of a lot of trees of sheesahm(davasso sisooo).this village was damaged at one time whose signs can  be seen today too. A highly site ,tibba khai wala is there in the northeren side of the village. Then a respected man ,Muhammad Khan came in the village  so the village was known as Khan pur at that time. There was a man named as Ghannon who had four sons.1.muhammad       ameer…2.muhammad khan…3muhammad karram…4..muhammad Jaam.

Muhammdad ameer lived in gojra and the other brothers started living in khai. They started agricultural work there.grave of muhammad ameer is available in the graveyard of gojra now a days too. There are three parties in the village and some famillies are from their  childhood.and now the whole population of the village is from these three brothers.and these three parties are “”jumaanay,fananay,and karam ke”‘”                                                                              

Population of the village                  

The population of the village is 12900 according to the 1998 .3609 people are eligible for the election and their names are available in the voter lists.2736 houses are recorded in the data collection. There are 1880 girls and 2157 boys whose age is 0 to 9 years  according to the survay of NCHD…


Village khai is situated at the main Sargodha+Gujrat road.It is 22 kmfrom Mandi bahauddin in south west.It is in between the Kuthialah Sheikhan  and Gojra. It has Paandowaal in the south, Bukkan, Chak no.42 Bhaggal in the west, Abdal in the north and Kuthiala Sheikhan in the east.The union council of the village is Ghorr sharif.It is in 119 PP and 109 NA. It is the last village of tehsil malakwal at the sargodha road.Tehsil man bahauddin starts from Kuthiala sheikhan and Paandowal.

Importance of the village in the area.

The most importance of the village would be in its union council.Its  the biggest vilage of the whole nine villages included in the union council so all the politicians come here to take votes .The famillies of Barmusa ,  busal , and gojra have provided MNAs to this area.Because of the nearest village ,whole parties come here one month before the election starts .It is the main bus stop for chakk 42,chakk 32,and Paandowal.


People of the village are very well educated.literacy reate is 76%.163 persons have the degree of Masers.183 person are graduate.Total 346 persons are graduated in the village.
There are two middle  schools in the village  one for boys and one for girls. The children of the khai are very intelligent and hard worker.They have taken positions at high school level .Ten years ago Muhammad Anwar Ranjha made a record by taking 764 marks out of  850.which is still unbeaten. Reality is that the whole credit of education goes to a person  namaed as Syed Akber Ali shah.who came in the village as a teacher in  1951.and taught the children till 1994.He did his best for the improvement of the children.This village has provided 186 primary teachers, 28 Est,22 sst,.seven persons were retired from education department in 17 or18 grade.Previous DEO elimentry was from this village. Dr Ashraf Gondal specialist atomic tech. in Holland is the resident of this village.IN the HOLLAND ,there are three hotels of khai  ,s personalities.The people of khai are serving in round about each country of the world.In this village, The Almighty ALLAH  have   created persons  who served the country in each department of life.This village has provided doctors,professors,Army officers,wealth dept.officers,businessmen,trademen,and politicians etc.

Castes of the village                         

This village is in the middle of gondal bar so gondals are the biggest population of the village .The other one is Ranjhas.
Social personalities of the village       
1.Sultan ahmed S/O Malik                                                          
2.Zubair Ahmed Gondal S/O Jahan khan                                 
3.Khizar hayat gondal Addovocate                                           
4.Manzoor ahmed gondal                                                          
5.Muhammad boota S/O Salehon                                               
6.Gulam abbas S/O Roshan                                                       
7. Umar hayat S/O Ali Muhammad                                             
8. Muhammad Anar S/O Ismail                                                  
9. Muhamamd Anar S/O Mirza khan
These are the respected pesonalities of the village .to whom people from nearest villages  come for justice.People of the village are very kind and peaceful. The people of chakk 32,42,16,17 and pandowal use the bus  stop of the village and the women of these villages donot  hesitate to  cross the village even in the night.There is no incidence of quarral in the  village yet.All the people are living  in the village with peace and  friendship.


Every facility of life is available in the village.genral stores ,electrecity,Telephone,Roads etc…In the harvesting season , there are four combine harvesters available in the village. Muhammad Ansar Namberdar is the owner of two combine harvesters. There is a general store in each street of the village from where , people buy their house necessories.

Corps of the village

Land of the village is very agricultural.each corp of the world is available here.mostly,wheat,rice,suger cane,orange ,chana , dallain etc.
Way of earning.
Most people of village are agriculturist.Lot of people work as government servants.some of them work as labour.Big quantity of the people is working in middle east,usa,europe.,etc.

Way of living.

Way of living of the people  is very natural  and simple. People are very peaceful, kind, well wishers and serving.


Every thing related to the modern media is available in the village.Radio,newspaper,tv,internet,mobile,etc


The village is at main road so there is no problem of transport.five buses leave the bus stop in five minuets so the traffic is too much.there is a big hotel at main bus stop  where the transport from sargodha to gujrat stop and take there lunch or dinner.The name of this hotel is Gujrat hotel.


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