Kandhanwala کندھانوالہ

Kandhanwala کندھانوالہ

Khandhanwala کندھانوالہ
    Info. by Waseem Riaz Ranjha

                                              (Chief Editor www.mbdinnews.com)

                                               (Director I.T. www.mims.edu.pk)



Kandhanwala is a famous village of District Mandi-Bahauddin. Its  adjoint  to city  M.B.Din.  In its east is  Mouhallah  Roshin  Pura, in  West is Khutiala Syedaan,  in  North is  Mujaid abad and its southside is one small canal and  Mouhallah Shafqatabad.


My village is very historical as there are two famous Shrines. This village is older than City Mandi-Bahauddin.


Population of our village is round about 15000 persons.

Nature of the people

People of our village are very respective, moderate ,well educated and good host. Way of living is mixture of agricultural and city life. Some people are working in govt sector and many are abroad.

Neighbouring villages

    • Mujaid Abad –>  North
    • Mohallah Shafqatabad–> South
    • Roshanpura —> East
  • Kuthiala Syedan—> West

Social personalities

1. Ch. Zahoor Ahmed Ashraf (Nazim, Reporter English Newspaper)
2. Ch. Ghulam Abbas Gondal (Member UC)

Highly Qualified persons

    1. Ch.M Anwar Gondal (M.A)
    2. Waseem Riaz (Advocate)
    3. Mozzam Riaz (Resident Editor www.mbdinnews.com , Data Processor at District Monitoring Office (DMO Office M.B.Din )

Education sector

    • Govt. Primary School for boys (GPS Kandhanwala)
    • Govt. High School School for girls (GGHS Kandhanwala)

There are also 5 Madrasas

and 4 Mosques in the village

Main casts

    • Gondal
    • Rajpoot (Rana)
    • Sahi
    • Sayal
    • Mian
  • Muslim Sheikh

Main crops

    • Wheat
    • Rice
    • Sugar cane
    • Jawa
    • Bajra, etc

Comunication and Entertainment system

Every facility of modern era is available like Telephone, Internet, Transport , Mobiles, TV etc.


There are 3  famous mazars in the village.

    • Baba Jewan Shah
    • Baba Sewan Shah
  • Pir Jhumlay Shah

Sports of the village:

Vollyball, Kabbaddi, Cricket, Bantay, Akhroat, Gulli danda

Problems of the village:

Pollution problem, Proper sewerage problem

Kandhanwala Mandi Bauddin darbaar mozzam riaz ranjha