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KOT BALOCH کوٹ بلوچ

KOT BALOCH  –   کوٹ بلوچ

Information Provided by:         

Chaudhary M. Akhtar Rasool Gondal

Brief History of Village

My sweet village KOT BALOCH (کوٹ بلوچ) is located at 9 KM north from Mandi Bahuddin. The Main Bus Stop of Kot Baloch is called 8-RD.

Kot Baloch was very famous during British rule due to its organized bazaar and local markets, which were under the control of Hindu community.
Its name was given due to Baloch tribes or a person (Baloch) who visit this place for the first time before 1000 years ago along with their families and animals “camels”, they live there besides the river (Corner of River Jhelum) as that location was very suitable for shelter. Usually, they spend six months and go back to their native areas for the winter season. Also, after some years some Jatt Gondal families also came from Sohawa Village (Near Mandi-Bahauddin) and they started agriculture work and construct some temporary houses in order to start living there but after some years Mr. Baloch left the area and till now its name is Kot Baloch.

Furthermore, as I have studied that there were also some other tribes in this village before Baloch because we found many things during the excavation of land/plot which shows that some peoples were living there (More than 1000 years) but due to some flood or earthquake they died or left the area but nobody has complete information about this.

The population of the village is over 7,500 including both lokri and small daira of village.

The literacy rate is over 90 %. The peoples of  Kot Baloch are mostly loving, caring and friendly e.g. during Maila of Baba Noor Shah many people’s came from other villages and they spend 2 to 3 nights in kot baloch without any relation, only for the sake of Allah Almighty and that, they are our guest. Our Gondal families welcome guests and refresh them accordingly.

Maila Baba Noor Shah

Baba Noor Shah was a famous Wali Allah . Every farmer donates one day milk of their buffalo to Mazar Baba Noor Shah after birth of the calf.

The Main event in this maila is Horse racing and horse shows. Also on this event there is free kabadi and local kushti. Horse racing is very popular in our village and some of our village players (Gondal Brothers) Ashraf Gondal and Sakandar Gondal are famous as Top players of Tent pegging game, and mostly their groups won medals of every tournament held in Pakistan. This maila is one of the best entertainment for our farmers , where many kind of house hold items are available as farmers do not need to go to the market frequently. So, our farmers bhai can buy their required items from this market and enjoy to watch cinema, beside this Death well and many others Shows are held in the mela . Now it has been under the control of  Punjab Government

Source of income of people

Before 1970 agriculture was 90% source of income but currently many peoples are working in Europe and Middle East and they send remittance to their families. Also, many educated persons are serving the nation and our area with attractive government and private jobs after completion of higher education.

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

Malik Ghulam Qadir M.Sc. (Ex. Director in Weather forecast dept.)

Mohammad Asghar Gondal M.A. (Director Genral (Admin) – NAVTTC .Islamabad

M. Lahraseb Khan Gondal M.A. LLB (Advocate Supreme Court – Ex-Vice President Punjab Bar)

Mohammad Azam M.Phil. (Assistant Professor Physics – Gordon College Rawalpindi)

Engineer Chaudhary Aurangzeb (Contract Manager in Saudi Binladen Group Saudi Arabia.)

Abdul Qayyum Gondal M.A. LLB (SSP. Punjab Police)

Mohammad Akhtar Rasool Gondal (M.A. Economics) Cost Controller in Sacodeco Binladen in Jeddah Saudi Arabia


Shahid Iqbal Warraich ..MSc

Akhtar Mehmood Gondal B.A..LLB. DSP Legal (Punjab Police).

Muhammad Nawaz Babar Gondal (Businessman in Bahrain)

Jamshaid Iqbal (Lufthansa Operation & Customer) Riyadh

Master M. Ashraf warraich M.A. LLB.

M. Zahir ud Din Babar .QS  DAE (Saudi Binladen Group Saudi Arabia 

Mohammd Muneeb Saqib Gondal M.A. L.L.B (Civil Judge)

Amjad Hussein Senior Contract Manager Karcon Isalamabad

Aashiq Hussein Senior QS (UAE)

Malik Mohammad Aslam Engineer in Radio Pakistan

Mohammad Afzaal Dud M.Sc (IR) USA

Mohammad Sabbat Zia Gondal B.A – DAE (Survey Engineer Kuwait)

Engineer Dr. Hafiz Asad Ali Awan PhD (Finland)

Mohammad Taiyeb DAE (UAE)

Mohammad Tahir Latif Gondal B.A. LLB (Additional Session Judge)

and Many More………………………………….

Kot Baloch Welfare socity

کوٹ بلوچ ویلفیئر سوسائٹی بنانے کا مقصد اپنے گاؤں کی ترقی اور خوشحالی کے لئے مل کر کام کرنا ہے جیسا کہ آپ سب جانتے ہیں ہمارے گاؤں کی حالت بہت ابتر ہے اور کوئی پرسانِ حال نہیں یہ گاؤں ہمارا ہے اور ہم سب کو ہی اس کی زمہ داری بھی لینی ہے سب دوستوں سے اپیل ہے کہ وہ اس سوسائٹی کا حصہ بنیں اور گاؤں کی ترقی کہ لئے اپنا کردار ادا کریں

A remarkable step by Village young boys, they are doing excellent work and they have changed the village with the help of the peoples of Kot Baloch.

I salute them.

Masjid Committee:

1…Chaudhary Mohammad Aslam Gondal (President)

2…Mohammad Asghar Dud

3…Riyasat Ali Gondal

4…Mohammad Akram “Member” Gondal

5…Atiq ur Rehman Gondal

6…Master Arashad Waryah

Past Famous Personalities of the Village

Hafiz Naik Muhammad

Hafiz Faiz Rasool Gondal

Haji Ghulam Rasool Member

Mian Mohammad Afzal (Ex Member)

Master Sardar Khan Talib (Phaphra)

Haji Yousef Siyal

Mohammad Ashraf Gondal Shaheed

Chairman Ghulam Rasool Marth

Chaudhary Qaisar Abbas Gondal LLB (Ex. Secretary District Bar)

Peer Said Rasool

Peer Sufi Sardar

Chaudhary Akbar Budayka

Historical Importance

There were many Historical buildings in kot balouch but now all demolished except Dahram Shalla, which is Govt. Primary Girls school.

Free Time Activities and Hobbies

River Jehlum is 2 Km west side and Rasul-Qadirabad Link Canal is crossing in our village. Also Rasul Barrage is not far away from our village and there are also many natural Lakes. Now there are many fish forms near to my village. I will say with proud that for people who are interested in nature and want to spend some free time for picknic. They can have good place here.

Main Crops

1. Wheat

2. Cotton

3. Rice

4. Sugar Cane

5. Tobbacco

Nearest Villages

East – Chillianwalla

West:  Shaheedan waali

Northside : Shahana Lok/ Rasul Technical College (loulianwali+shahana lock)

South = Chak Fateh Shah

Main Castes

Dudd ( Lungha )




And also all helping casts (Non Farmers ).

Social Personalities of the Village

·        Haji Muhammad Aslam Gondal (Ex-Police officer)

·        Mohammad Akram Gondal (Ex Member).

·       Ch Azmat Ullah Marth.

·        Mohammad Asghar Gondal

·        Lahrasib Khan Gondal (Advocate Supreme Court)

·        Ch.Shahid Nawaz Gondal

·        Chaudhary Riasat Ali (Punjab Police)

·        Muhammad Asghar Dud

·        Zulifqar Ali Awan

·        Chaudhary Shan Mohammad Kakoana

.        Chaudhary Umar Hiyat (Deena Ka) Gondal

·        Master Muhammad Aslam Gondal

·        Master Ashraf Marth.

.        Tanveer Marth Advocate

·        Mian Zia ul Haq Gujar (Denmark)

.        Mian Ehtsham Ul Haq (President overseas forum Malmo)

.       Syed walyat shah

.     Chaudhary Sikandar Lamocher

.      Chaudhary Aslam Numberdar

·        And Many more …..

Educational Institutes of the Village

Government Middle/High school for boys 

Govt. High school for Girls

English Medium schools for Boys and Girls (Private)


1. Cricket

2. Horse Racing

3. Volley Ball

If any comments please contact with Akhtar Rasool Gondal thru email or



  • the history of kot balooch is absolutely wrong this village was property of a balooch named gondal from sohawa and there is a sub cast Balooch of gondal cast

    • Dear brother Kizer Hayat Lalayka Numberdar, thanks for your kind information, if possible send me your source of information as our parents told us about our village and we write accordingly and if you have any source of our history it will be very useful for our area. Thanks and best regard. Akhar Rasool Gondal

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