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Info. By :Muhammad Younus Navees,

( MCS, MCSE, N + , A + ,Oracle & Developer ) Others : DM (Draftsman Mechanical from GVI Gujrat in 1997 ) Technical Support Executive,Service Industries Limited,Head Office Lahore.

Location of the village

KOT PINDI WALA  is a beautiful village situated at Bhowa Ahsan to Gojra Road. It is 5 kilometer away  from Bhowa Ahsan in the North and almost 15 kilometer away from Gojra in the East.( Gojra is situated at Mandi Baha-ud-Din to Sargodha Road and Bhowa Ahsan is situated on Phalia (Qadir Abad ) to Sial Mor ( Motorway interchange) Road.

This is a beautiful road between the Gojra and Bhowa Ahsan, there are many small and big villages situated at this road.

History of the village

As wirtten history of my village is not available. However, old people of my village say that Kot Pindi Wala was established more than 200 years ago.

Population (inhabitants) of the villageMy village is not a very big village. It consists of approximately 1,500 inhabitants. Before the partitions 1947 there was mixed population Hindu and Muslims used to live in my village. But after partition Hindus moved to India and many Muslims refuges settled in my village so called Muhaajar.


·        Basic Health Centre.

·        Schools

·        Electricity

·        Mobile phone Service (Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Warid)

Hospitals & Shopping Centres

·        There are Two Medical store in the village

1.    Dr. Arshad Medical Store / Clinic

2.    Dr. Ghulam Rasool Clinic

There are many shops in the village but two main shopping stores. Owner of those shops are:

·        Nazar Muhammad Mochi

·        Ghulam Qadar Kumhar

Source of income of the villageThe main source of income is obviously agriculture. But now people are going to Private and Govt. jobs, and some peoples are going to abroad, some people are doing their own business.

Neighbouring villages

EAST : Dhunni Kalan, Dhala, Dhunni Khured, Bhowa Ahsan

WEST : Gaga aoor, Dairah kadharan,

SOUTH : Chaeto, Shair-e-wala, Mehar Kote

NORTH : Bhojo wal, Bosal, Gograh

Social Personalities of the Village

·        Ch. Atta Muhammad (Numberdar)

·        Ch. Muhammad Aslam Dharriwal ( Session Judge )

·        Ch. Muhammad Anwar Number Dar (Inspector Punjab Police )

·        Ch. Muhammad Amir ( General Councilor)

·        Ch. Ahsan-ul-Allah Dharrewal

·        Ch. Sardar Khan Dhariwal

·        Ch. Anar Khan Dhariwal (Hatay ka)

·        Qari Muhammad Irfan Sb.

·        Master Ghulam Murtaza sb.

·        Muhammad Schakeel.

·        Muhammad Zulkaif

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

·        Mr Muhammad Aslam(Session Judge)

·        Mr. Muhammad Younus Navees(MCS, MCSE, N+ , A+ , Oracle Developer from PUCIT, Lahore) Technical Support Exeuctive, Service Industries Limited, Head Office Lahore.

·        Mr.Ghulam Murtaza( MA Islamyat ) Teacher Govt. High School Dhunni Kalan

·        Mr. Abdul Razaq ( MA ) Teacher Govt. Pialit Secondry High School Phalia

·        Mr. Ghazanfar Abbas( LLB ) Layer, M.B-ud Din

·        Mr. Mujahid Abbas(Inspector Punjab Police)

Culture of the VillageAs of other villages of punjab people of my village are cooperative, hardworking and religious.

Main Crops and fruits in the Village



Sugar Cane








Main Casts in the Village








And many casts are available.

School and Mosques in the VillageThere are two School in the village

1.    Gov. Primary School for Boys

2.    Gov. Primary School for Girls

There are Two Mosques in the village.

1.    Jamiya Masjid Muhmmadia Farooqia (for Sunni Maslak)

2.    Jamiya Masjid (for Shia Maslak)


·        Kabaadi

·        Gulidanda

·        Cricket


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