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Kot Rehm Shah

Kot Rehm Shah                          Info. by Aurang zeb Gondal

Location of the village

My  beautiful village  name is Kot Rahem Shah which is located eight Km south east from phala 1/2 km from Phalia Dinga road, 1 km from helan town .sorrounding on eastsouth helan on south Dubrigi village west  Lala pindi  north Mutmul on west north sarley village is situated at very beautiful place on a canal. The population of the village is 4000. The main castes in the village are jatt family the main family Gondal,Warraich ,Ranjha .Syed, Qureshi and Cheema. But and Rana, the main Gondal family which is in popular family name is Alam key. the Alam was a famous horse rider from gondal family. mostley pople knows as  alam gondal kot. alam was famous as punjab level as horse rider ,now a day Alams family main family of kot rahem shah .son of Alam were four .theire grand sons are  main educated .names MBBS Dr Tahir Frooq eye spalysest Rahemat trust hospital lahore .he is a God given Doctor .every ear he made a free eye camp at Kot rahem shah about eighty popoes free eye operation with free medicine and eye glasses. Umer Farooq .in USA ,Hassan farooq in UAE,Asad farooq in NGO. Zahid farooq ASI , Qais Akhtar Canada ,Aurang Zeb in U.K. Khalid in Saudia. Munawar in Kwait. Arif Kwait Etsham Qais Canada Zeshan Qais in Canada, Saleem S .I Police Khuram Saleem Kuwit, Tamour Tariq UAE JAWAD ZEB Mansoora coolage Lahore. Muhammad Mandhi Gondal Mansoora General Sectoty Mansoora Lahore.they all are from Alam Gondals family. more Dr Iqbal MBBS DHQ Phalia is from this village.Dr Rizwan Dental Doctor DHQ Phalia,Majr Amir Malik  are fom this village. most people are abroad , othere former. In the village there is no famous or beautiful building and only building that is double story called Gondal House and all others are simple houses like other villages

Nature of People of the village

The people of the village are very nice and peaceful.

Source of income of the village

People are mostly doing different jobs like Zamindara (Agriculture), business, private and government jobs and the young Generation including non technical trying to go to abroad and now a days many are in Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Gulf countries.

Neighbouring villages, towns and geographical landmarks

  • Kot Multanian                                 ————-> East
  • Mutmul                                          ————->West
  • Pindi Lala                                        ————->North
  • Duburgi                                         ————–>South

Social Personalities of the Village

  • Saleem akhter gondal
  • Haji Arif gondal
  • Iftikhar Jamu
  • Liaqut Qurreshi
  • Munawar Hussain Gondal
  • Bashir Qurreshi
  • Baho Nadir Khan Gondal
  • Raja Imtiaz
  • Late Zaman Gondal

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  1. Dr Tahir Frooq MBBS Eye specialist Rehmat trust hospital Lahore
  2. Asad farooq in NGO
  3. Zahid farooq ASI
  4. Saleem S .I Police
  5. Muhammad Mandhi Gondal Mansoora General Sectoty Mansoora Lahore
  6. Dr Iqbal MBBS DHQ Phalia
  7. Dr Rizwan Dental Doctor DHQ Phalia
  8. Major Amir Malik
  9. Umer Farooq Gondal  Master of science (IN COMPUTER SEIENCE).in USA
  10. Hassan farooq Gondal  msc in math UAE
  11. Asad Farooq Gondal MSC(PHD from london) in NGOS
  12. Aurang Zeb gondal Diploma Of Aeroniticll Engineer in Mechanical UK Londan
  13. Qais Akhtar Gondal B.A. (Diploma Of associate Engineerin Air frame techonology Canada
  14. Moshin Bashir B.Sc.
  15. Jawad Zeb Gondal Pre-Engineering Lahore
  16. Azam Gondal S.I. Police

Schools, Collages, Mosques and Madrasas in the village

  • Govt Primary School for boys
  • Govt Primary School for girls
  • Ghazali School System

There are 4 mosques in the village.

Main castes

  • Gondal
  • Warraich
  • Ranjha
  • Syed
  • Rana
  • Cheema
  • Qureshi
  • Others

Main crops and fruits in the village

Sugar Cane, wheat, rice, Potato all kind of vegetable etc

Industry in Village

  • Only one bricks factory is situated there.

Free time & Hobby

Shooting Ball, Cricket, Foot Ball, Kabadi, Kushti,

Parks and Canals

Rasul-QadirAbad Link Canal is not far away from village about 3 Km in east of the village and also there are some natural lakes between Village and R.Q. Link and a lot of natural scenery around the village. This village is in the centre of both river Jhelum and Chanab. Both rivers are 15 km away .jhelum in north and chenab in south.

Problems of the Village’s People

As the Village is small so basic facilities are absent  No hospital, No healthcare center even no medical store, No Markets, No middle school for Boys or Girls therefore peoples especially females have to face many difficulties in order to fulfill their daily or occasional necessacities. Main problems of the village are as under.

Educational Problems Faced by Girls

This is another main problem faced by students especially by Girls as there is no institute after primary so the girls have to face great hurdle in their career so most of them stop their education because villagers does not allow their girls to go away from their homes,so most of the girls are under metric and if someone wants to carry on her education they do so either Privately through Punjab University or  through Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad.

Promises made by the Political Leaders of the area

This is a very interresting  topic because when there is period of election especially of National and Provincial Assembly it looks that all the candidates are our own and they are in election only for our village because they solve all the problems of the village with their tongue in few minutes but as soon as they becomes leaders they even refuse to recognize their major supporters until the next election comes.

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