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Kot Sattar Sharqi


                                                                                            Info by, Wallait Hussain Tarar      

Kot Sattar Sharqi


This Village is at Jokalian – pahrianwali link road.Just 3 km from Chakk Zahir in south and 30 km from Mandi Bahauddin in south west.Phalia is 10 km in west and QadirAbad is 20 km in south west of Kot sattar sharqi.


Kot Sattar ,Pejo Kot and Mitha Chakk came from the village Jokalian.Joakali was sister of Sattar and Pejo .Sattar started living here so this village was known at his name ,Kot Sattar.


Founder of the village was known as Sattar .He belongs to Tarar familly.


Population of the village is round about 7000  persons

Nature of the people

People of the village are very hospitable,friendly, hard working,and moderate.


35 Muraba

Source of income

Source of income of village comes agricultur sector.govt services,and most of the people are living abroad ( spain.america,england,middle east etc)

Neighbouring villages

Pejo Kot           ——->East

Melu            ——-> West

Chakk Zahir    ———> North

Thatta Alia         ——-> South    

Social personalities of the village

·                     Wallait Ahmed s/o Fazal Ahmad tarar

·                     Muhammad Ashraf s/o Fateh Muhammad Tarar

·                     Ghulam Abbas s/o Muhammad Hussain tarar

·                     Muhammad Akhtar s/o Nawab Khan Tarar

·                     Majeed s/o JeoonTarar

·                     Muhammad Riaz s/o Khan Muhammad Tarar

·                     Malik s/o Sardar Khan Tarar

·                     Nazir Ahmed s/o Ghulam Rasul shahoo ka

Highly qualified persons

·                     Sajjad Ahmed s/o Ali Ahmad Tarar advocate

·                     Muhammad Zahid s/o Aslam Khan .Agricultural Officer

·                     Saifullah s/o Muhammad Inayat   Saudia

·                     Muhammad Afzal s/o Fateh Muhammad   America

·                     Ansar s/o Mehdi Khan   Italy

·                     Kashid Hussain s/o Muhammad Afzal  Italy


Basic Health Unit (govt hospital ) is working in the village

Main casts

·                     Tarar 99%

·                     Others 1%

Main crops

Wheat, rice, suger cane,vegetables.Bajara,jawar,etc

Education sector

 Govt Primary School for boys.

Govt primary School for girls.


Moon Light Public school for girls


·                     Jamia Masjid

·                     Jamia Masjid 2


·                     Mushtarkah Dara

Union Council

Jokalian  is Union Council of the area.


Tv, Mobile .Ptcl,Internet,


Jokalian to Pahrianwali via Kot Sattar.


14-R passes by the village and area of the village is very beautyful .



·                     volly ball

·                     cricket

·                     kabbadi

Fish Form

Muhammad sarwaaaar Gondal has fish form in some area.


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