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            Village LalaPindi is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. It is away from District Mandi Bahauddin upto 26 KM and 6KM from Tehsil Phalia .

Situation in 1947

            Population of Muradwal was mostly muslim in 1947 (at the partition time of sub-continent) there were only Five houses of HINDUES. These Hindues were wise persons and were literate therefore they realize the situation before 14thAugust 1947 , solled their houses and migrated to Mandi Bahauddin where most of their relatives used to live. That’s why there was no bloodshed in the village at the time of partition.

Historical Places

            There is one Historical Billding and one Mandar in this Village

Neighbouring Villages

In West…….. Thatti+Maken+Peer Bullah

In North……. Kot Satara+Heelan

In South…… PindiNoora+Pindi Mughoo
In East……… Qila Athar Singh+Jessak


            It is not a very big village only about 700 houses are in it and about 4500 peoples live in them. All the population of the village is muslim among them all are SUNNY except one house that is of SHIA.

Major Castes

Major casts of the village are
1. Gondal
2. Warraich
3. Tarar
4. Ranjha
5. Mirza
6. Non-ٖFarmer Families

Famous Personalities

Important personalities of the village are as follows:

1. Ch.Gulam Rasool (ex. Chairmen)

2. Ch.Muhammad Azam (Chairmen)

3. Ch.Sheer Muhammad (Numberdar)

4. Muhammad Inayat (Patwari)

5. Ch.Ashiq Husain

6. Raaja Maqbool

7. Haji Basheer Ahmed

8. Ch.Basheer Ahmed
9. Ch. Sheer Muhammad          etc…

Highly Qualified Persons

Mirza Ghulam rasool family, they were most educated persons in this village at time when rare people were educated.. Members of the family are, Dr Mohammad ashraf (heart specialist, Col Manzoor( very intelligent & capable man) deputy DG Pakistan missile ordinance (PMO) many others

One famous family migrated to south africa,, Dr khalid sb (may bless him jannat)

01. Ahmed Khan (Advocate)

02. Muhammad Usman (Lt. Governer)

03. Humayon Nazeer

04. Tayyab Riaz

05. Hafiz Mukhtar

06. Anaar Sb

07. Walayat Sb

08. Nazeer Sb

09. Raja Maqbool

10. Touseef Ahmed

11. Amir Shahzad

12. Azeem Asghar

13. Tariq Mehmood

14. Mustansar Husain

15. Muhammad Bilal

16. Adnan Ahmed

17. Riaz Sb

18. Nazeer Sb

19. Shahid Mehmood

20. Faheem Iqbal

21. Asghar Sb

22. Zafar Sb

23. Shakeel Sb

24. Ijaz Sb
25. Afzal Ahmed           etc…

Means Of Earning

            Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services and among them most are in WAPDA and ARMY. Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad that’s why many peoples of the village are found in France,Spain, Greece, Itlay, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Muscat etc. in search of their earning.

Way of living                 

            Peoples of the village live a simple life. They have very friendly behavior. Peoples are very much hostile, peaceful and sincere. Except few black sheeps vulgarity is an uncommon thing. People of the village go to their lands to care their cattles and crops and come back in the evening so they have a very busy life.Young boys play Cricket,Volly Ball or play cards in their extra time. Peoples of the village remains careful about fight and misbehavior because if any body do a little mistake other party persons quickly report to the police at THANA PHALIA.

Bazars And Markets

            No Bazars or Markets are present in the village only four General stores (Karyana shops) are present which provide commodities of daily use. Peoples have to go Phalia or M.B.Din for major shopping.


            There are total Six Mosque’s in the village, one is Jameia. And There Are 6 Shrines in the Village.

Schools and Education

There are total Five Schools (2 Govt & 3 Private) and one Madrissa.

Health Facilities                

There is one G.H.Q Hosipital.

            There is One G.H.Q hospital in the village and Some Clinic is present which is run by a health related servant. One female of the village is working as a Health Worker. She is creating awareness in females about health related problem s.Now after her guidance females are very much aware of pregnancy and birth et c.Generaly peoples get medicine of minor diseases from PHALIA and of major from M.B.Din.


            People of the village travel on Buses,Vans from LalaPindi Villages own Bus Stop. Motor Cycles and Cycles are very common in the village which are used to go towards their lands or near by areas.

Media Facilities

            In the village Television, Radio, Tape Recorder, PTCL Phones and Mobile Phones with services of all the Telecom companies are present in almost every house. Few homes in the village also possess COMPUTERS in them very rare people use internet.

Flora and Fauna

As the area is very productive both animals and plants love to stay here.

Domestic animals of the village are

1.      Buffalos (bhainsein)
Cows and Bulls (gaey aur bael)
Sheeps (bhairain)
Goats (bakrian)
Horses (ghoray)
Donkeys (gadhay)
Dogs (kutay)
Cats (Bilian)
Hens (murgean)
Rabbits (khargosh)
Pigeons (kabutar)
 Fishes (in forms)
 Ducks (batkhain)

As the land of the villagers is 1 to 2 Km from the village and it is very much close to RIVER JEHLUM therefore a lot of area is available for wild animals.Wild animals found in the villagers land are:

1.      Jackals (geedarr)
Snakes (saanp)
Pigs (sours)
Wild Cats (jangly billay)
Fishes of many types
Tortoises (kachhway)
Parrots (totay)
Sparrows and Finches (chirian)
Sea Gulls (baglay)
Wild Ducks (murgabian)

Village land is very much fertile, availability of water is enough although soil not suitable for GYMNOSPERMS and FERNS but ANGIOSPERMS are very much common in the village which include both ornamental and wild. Important plant of the village are as under:

1.      Acacia species (kikar)
Dalbergia sisso (tahli)
Rosa indica (gulab)
Orange species (maltay aur methhay)
Guava (amrood)
Mangoes (aam)
Gomi (dhraik)
      Bamboo (Baance)

Crops of the village

Land of this village is very fertile almost every crop of the world can be grown here.People use peter engins for irrigation purposes. Major crops of the village are

1.      Wheat (gandam)
Rice (chawal)
Corn (mukai)
Potato (aalo)
Barley (jao)
Sugar Cane (kamad)
Sweet Pea (mator)
Chicken Pea (chana)
      All Vegetables etc.

                    GOD BLESS THIS VILLAGE(Ameen)

           For any objection contact at  mhwasim2005(at)  0300 7755064


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