Lasoori Kalan


Lasoori Kalan                 Info. by Mirza Amjad Mehboob


This village is famous for the name of a person Wife whose name is not found in papers. He was Makun by Cast. This village was established before 1905. This village is 25km in East of city Phalia. The population of the village is 4000 according to 1998.

General Information

Lassouri Kalan is  about 45 kilometers from Mandi-bahauddin. Village LohaTiba is in the east, Hasslan Walla in north,Lassouri Khourd in south and ChouranWala in the west of my village. There are more parts of this village along with main big village, they are small Lassouri Khourd .Makun, Warraich, Moghul, Mirza and Mouhajjar are main families in village.  The people of the village are very nice and peaceful. There is very famous Pir  Shah Muhammad Chisti in our village. Every year there is very big milla (Urss) where a lot people of village as well as from sorrounding areas take part. Pir Bahar Shah, and Massume Shah 9 Gazia. The main source of income is Agriculture but now many people are living in abroad to earn money and support their familes in their village. And some people are in Civil Service and some people live abroad

Main Crops                                                 



Sugar Cane


Nearest Villages 







Lassouri Khourd


Main Castes 

Makun (60 %)

Tarkhan (3 %)

Lohar (2%)

Others (5%)

Warraich (3%)

Gondal (2 %)

Arrain (25%)


Social Personalities of the Village

Main Village


Ch. M.Hassain Makun ( Ret. Judge)


Ch. Wassem Hassain Makun (Adovaciat)


Ch. M.Shabeer (Gardover)


Sayid Raiz Hassain Shah.


Rt. Subadar. M Anait Numberdar


Hafiz M. Anait


Soufi Nazeer Master Makun


Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  • Ch. M.Hassain Makun ( Ret. Judge)
  • Ch. Wassem Hassain Makun (Adovaciat)
  • Ch. Akber Zarif Makun  (Adovaciat)
  • Raana Akhter  MA Urdo (Ret. Head Master High School Paharin wali)
  • Soufi Nazeer Master Makun (Ret. head Master High School Hasslanwala)
  • Raana Javed Akhter MA Urdo Head Master Middle School Lassouri Kalan
  • Arfan Bhatti MA Eng. Teacher Middel School Lassouri Kalan
  • Saed Ahamed  MA Eng. Teacher Middel School Lassouri Kalan

Schools, Mosques and Madrasas in the Village

  • Govt. Middel School
  • Govt. Primary School
  • Govt. girls Primary school
  • Zameen Dara High School (Praivait)
  • Masjid Khazri
  • Jamia Masjid

 Shops in the Village

  • Jaffer Supper Store
  • Inssaf Keraina Store
  • Ittafaq Keraina Store

Mazars in the Village

  • Shah Muhammad Chisti BassiWalay
  • Pir Bahar Shah Qallander
  • Massoum Shah 9 Gazia

Sports of the Village

  • Kabbadi
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Wolly Ball