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Long              Info. by Ghulam Rasul Dhottar


This village is at Jokalian,Asadullah pur road.Its 26 Km from Gujrat in west and 42 km from Mandi Bahauddin in south east.Phalia is just 22 km in the west of the village.Its at the bank of river chennab.


Long was from the sons of Thakkar.Long ,Naranag were brothers.They came from the river area due to flood reasons. Long started living here so this village was later known as Long at his name. Way before,Bhilol dotarran wala is near Bhirri shah raham, from where ,these people came.Then they lived in Rasul Nagar but later on Govt Alloted them this area of Long. In 1857 ,they Battle between Sikhs and English was held here in Long,s area.This battle was held in Chillianwala ,where 57 men were wounded and 26 men were killed.

Family Tree (Shajra) of Long


Founder of the village was known as Long,He was dhotarr.


Population of the village is round about 2000  persons


Long is divded at familly basis

·                     Khazanay ke
·                     Babay Mahi ke
·                     Masty ke
·                     Babay Yar ke
·                     Dhaggy walay
·                     Chaudrana brothery
·                     Gondal
·                     Chattay ke
·                     Tarar

Nature of the people

People of the village are very hospitable,friendly, hard working,and moderate.


50 Muraba

Source of income

Source of income of village comes agricultur sector.govt services,and most of the people are living abroad ( spain.america,england,middle east etc)

Neighbouring villages

Asad ullah pur                      ——->east
Chahrrke                              ——-> west
Kamonke +Ratti pindi            ——->North
Kot bela + River Chennab     ——-> south

Social personalities of the village

Ch.Ata Muhammad s/o Ghulam Haidar dhotarr
Ch.Ghulam Rasul s/o Ghulam Qadir ..dhotarr.     Agricultural dept.
Ch.Muhammad Ashraf Dotarr
Muhammad Ahsan s/o Ata Muhammad  dhotarr
Ghulam Abbas s/o ghulam Qadir dhotarr
Shawaiz Ashraf s/o Muhammad Ashraf  councelor
Muhammad Yaqoob s/o Sikandar Khan Numberdar
Haji Ghulam Nabi s/o Allah ditta dhotarr
Fazal Ilahi s/o Yar Muhammad Dhotarr

Highly qualified persons

Ch.Ghulam Rasul s/o Ghulam Qadir dhotarr
Muhammad Wallait s/o Muhammad Sadiq…education dept
Ali Bahadar s/o Ghulam Qadir….Education dept
Muhammad Hussain s/o Ghulam Rasul dept
Sajid Hussain s/o Muhammad Hussain ..Wapda
Javed Iqbal s/o Muhammad Shareef Health dept.


No hospital working in the village.

Private Hospital

Shah ji clinic

Main casts

·                     Dhotarr
·                     Gondal
·                     Chatha
·                     Gujjar
·                     Tarar

Main crops

Wheat, rice, suger cane,vegetables.Bajara,jawar,etc

Education sector

Govt Primary school for boys
Govt primary School for girls.


Shawaiz Model School.


·                     Jamia Masjid Garbi Ghasia
·                     Jamia Masjid Sharqi
·                     Tirkhana wali Masjid

Union Council

Narang is Union Council of the area.


Tv, Mobile .Ptcl,Internet,


Jokalian to Gujrat via long.


Peer Ahmad Hussain Shah


·                     Dhotarr ka dara.garbi
·                     Sharqi dara
·                     Irshad s/o Ata Muhammad ka dara


15-R passes by the village and area of the village is very beautyful .Its at the Bank of the River Chennab


·                     volly ball
·                     cricket
·                     kabbadi


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