Maken میکن

Maken میکن

History of Maken:

Originally Maiken came from another village called Kot Bhai Khane da. The Makin people like Subedar Mekan, Dhaleke Maken, Saleh Numberdar Maken got a lot of land at this place and settled here and the village was named Maken. As at that time there was no security and many times they were lotted from thieves and robbers. So for their security they brought other casts like Bhatti from Pindi-Bhattian and Gondal from Kot Moumman. And Makens then gave some lands to these people (Bhatti and Gondal). Since then this village has 3 main casts in the village , Maken, Bhatti, Gondal. There lived also some other casts like Muuchi, Tarkan (Mughal) etc.

The main source of income of the people of this village is Agriculture but many people are in Civil Services and some are living abroad and financing their relatives back in the village.

The literacy rate of this village is average. There are two Govt schools

1. Govt Primary School for Boys

2. Govt Middle School for Girls

There is also one Private school call Elementary School for boys and girls and one Madrasa.

Main Crops

    • Wheat
    • Rice

Nearest Villages

This village is about 20 km from city Mandi-Bahauddin and about 5 km from city Phalia.

    • Pir Bhala (East)
    • Bohut (North-East)

Main castes:

    • Maken
    • Gondal
    • Bhatti

Social Personalities of the Village:

1. Chairman Saleh s/o Subedar Maken

2. Allah ditta s/o Bahadar khan Gondal

3. Azzam Lohar Mughal member union counsil

4. Muhammad Anwar s/o Sahi Muhammad Bhatti member union counsil

5. Late Muhammad Anayat s/o Sher Muhammad Gondal

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

1. Ijaz Bhatti Major Pak army Lahor

2. Nazir Muuchi officer Wah Cantt factor

3. Nawaz Bhatti s/o Muhammad Bhatti officer Wah Cantt Factory 

4. Abbas s/o Haidar Bhatti, Engineer Wah Cantt Factory 

5. Mian Aslam s/o Mian Muhammad Sadique ,D.E.O Education

6. Muhammad Aslam s/o Mahani Maken , office Wapda

7. Abbas s/o Salabat Bhatti, Teacher

Sport and Free time activities:

1. Kabadi (very famous)

2. Cricket

3. Volley Ball

 Info. Provided by Sahi Muhammad Bhatti