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Makkewal مکے وال

village makkewl mandi bahauddin

Makkewal مکیوال

Makkewal مکیوال is one of the major village of District MBDin. Village makkeywal is 17 km away from MBD city and 9 km from tehsil Phalia. Main cast in the makkeywal is Ranjha and then Gondal.

Nearest Villages

Main Castes

  • Ranjha
  • Gondal

Social Personalities:

  • Ch. Shahzad Akhtar Ranjha Advocate (ex chairman UC Mekkeywal
  • Ch. Zulfiqar Ahmad Ranjha (Vice Nazam Of UC Kutiala Sheikhan)
  • Ch. Riaz Ahmad Ranjha
  • Haji Mukhtar Ahmad Ranjha
  • Dr. Mutalli Khan Ranjha (ex-politician and very active person in social welfare)
  • Ch. Anwar Gondal
  • Professor Riaz Ahmed Ranjha (Active In Education Reforms And Providing Free Education To Poor Students)
  • Ch. Khalid Mehmood Ranjha (Thekay Dar)
  • Ch. Mukhtar Ahmed Ranjha (Politician)
  • Ch. Muhammad Malik (Polay Ka)
  • Syed Gulzar Hussain Shah (Ex-Counselor)
  • Ch. Manzoor Ahmed
  • Nazir Ahmed (Lumberdar)
  • Ch. Khizar Hayat Ranjha (Ex-Chairman)
  • Tasawar Iqbal Ranjha (Businessman)
  • Ch. Umar Hayat Ranjha (Lumberdar)
  • Mumtaz Ahmad Ranjha (Businessman And Owner Of Mumtaz Filling Station PSO)
  • Ch. Sultan Ahmad Ranjha
  •  Mr. Riaz Ahmed Ranjha (Ahmay Ka)
  • Ch. Imtiaz Ahmed Ranjha (M.A Italy)
  • Ch. Afzaal Anwar Ranjha (F.A Italy)
  • Haroon Fakhar Ranjha
  • Fakhar Sikandar Ranjha
  • Sultan Ranjha
  • Shamraiz Ahmad Ranjha
  • Muhammad Akbar Shakir
  • Haroon Zafar Ranjha
  • Bilal Ahmad Ranjha

 Highly Educated People:

  • Irfan Hayat Ranjha ((District Incharge  at Italian General Confederation of workers in Immigrants and right department, Ex President PTI Italy and President Pak sports club Italy)
  • Dr. Qaiser Farooq Ranjha (PhD Economics from Oxford University)
  • Dr. Manzoor Sohail Ranjha (working in Norway)
  • Dr. Major Zaman Ranhja “surgeon specialist” (CMH Rawalpindi)
  • Dr. Shahbaz Khalid Ranjha (working in family hospital in Islamabad)
  • Nazim Hussain Ranjha (engineer pak pwd isb)
  • Wasim Riaz (Tipu Ranjha Mandi Ala) (M.Phil.)
  • Rizwan Ahmed Ranjha (M.B.A)
  • Kamran Ahmed Ranjha (MBBS from china)
  • Farhan Ahmed Ranjha (doing CA)
  • Amjad Iqbal (M.A)
  • Khurram Shehzad Ranjha (advocate)
  • Prof. Imtiaz Ahamad Ranjha (working in Lawrence college Gora Gali Murree)
  • Prof. Riaz Ahmad Ranjha (M.A. Islamiyat)
  • Prof. Saqib Hayat Ranjha (Principal MYM School and Girls College)
  • Sajid Mehmood Shakir (atomic energy)
  • Adeel Riaz Ranjha (doing CA from PAC LHR)
  • Ateeq Suhail Ranjha (doing MBBS from Norway)
  • Mr. Qamar Abbas Ranjha Ahmay Ka (Master of Commerce). Agriculture Bank.
  • Irfan Bashir Ranjha (Assistant Education Officer)

School and College:

  • MYM School and girls College
  • Pioneer public school
  • Govt. High School for Boys
  • Govt. Girls Primary School

Main Crops:

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugar Cane
  • Bajra
  • Makei


  • Kabaadi
  • Gulidanda
  • Cricket

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)



  • Dear Administrators,

    I am just another person belonging to MB Din but currently studying and working in Germany. I have recently gone through your website for Mandi Bahauddin while I was searching some data of our district to be presented at Pakistan Culture Day here at my University in Düsseldorf.

    First of all, I must highly appreciate your work and literally it made me so happy that someone out there took the responsibility of presenting our District in such organised and delicate way. Your work is extravagantly admirable.

    Secondly, I want to make some suggestions about updating the data of personalities belonging to my village in specific. As I have seen a lot of data which has not been updated in years I suppose. I belong to Makkewal and I wish to have the data of my family’s educational and social domain updated.

    Hope to hear from you soon so that I can specifically send the updates. Thanking in anticipations.

    Kind Regards,

    Arslan Ahmed

    HS Düsseldorf

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