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Mand Chak No. 41 چک نمبر

Chak No. 41 چک نمبر (Mand)

Mand Chak No. 41 منڈ چک نمبر

Location of village:

Mand Chak No. 41 is 14 kilometer in South west of Mandi Bahauddin just off Sargodha road before Kuthiala Sheikhan and after Ainowal and Bhikhi Shareef. The main bus stop on Sargodha road is called Mandan Wali Pul .

History of village:

Not old but history tells its came in existence about 25 years ago when people came from a village near Gujrat called Mand Dhudhra and some people joined from Chak No. 40 which became stressed from the slavery of Nawab family of Gujrat.

Main castes:

  1. Bajwa
  2. Warraich
  3. Bhatti
  4. Muslim Sheikh

Population of village:

Not exceeding 1,000, so its village of low population.

Parts (Mohullas):

8 Muhallas and whole village is surrounded by road which lead to main road called Sargodha road.

People in Civil Service or abroad:

Some are in teaching line as

  1. Master Akbar
  2. Dr. Anar Khan
  3. Dr. Riaz Ahmad
  4. Dr. Khalid

One animal doctor. But almost all new generation is willing to go abroad as most of them have done so.

Social Personalities of Village:

  1. Haji Mohammd Sharif Bajwa
  2. Liaqat Ali Bajwa
  3. Haji Riaz
  4. Nazir Guard
  5. Master Imtiaz
  6. Lal Kanviya
  7. Gulam Rasool
  8. Shabir Ahmad
  9. Dr. Riaz

Highly Qualified Personalities:

Zulfiqar Ali Bajwa (B.Sc. Hones Salford UK)

Chak No. 41 چک نمبر (Mand)

Nature of People:

Not kind as new generation is so annoying with some having their own field for cultivation and some just with generous ideas. The traditions are farming but not to the level of exporting at national.

Source of income of the village:

The culture of the village is traditional but moderate. For all problems and disputes the elders of the village decides the issues with mutual understanding and in peaceful manners.  Now a day everything is changing very rapidly and positively as the economy of the village is growing speedily.

Schools, Collages, Mosques and Madrasas:

  • Government Primary School
  • One Suni Maslik mosque
  • One Ahl-e-Hadees mosque

Hospitals , medical stores and shops in the village

  • One animal hospital
  • 4 shops of food stuff
  • One market of wooden stuff furniture place
  • One welding shop
  • 2 meat shops
  • One tea stall with some sweet material
  • Barber’s shop
  • Bicycle repair


Main crops and fruits in the village

  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Vegetables
  • Sugar cane


  • Kabaddi
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Gulli Danda

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)


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