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Mandi Bahauddin Hospitals

Name of Officers / Hospitals Telephone # Fax #
EDO(H) 0546-508450/0546-504350 0546-508550
DOH 0546-509250  
MS DHQ 0546-508820  
THQ Malkwal 0546-596010  
THQ Phalia 0546-591422  
RHC Chalianwala 0546-590588  
RHC Kuthialan Sheikhan 0546-570796  
RHC Mong 0546-626273  
RHC Bheko Morr N.A.  
RHC Jokalian 0546-593212  
RHC Paharia Wali 0546-592318  
RHC Malawal 0546-591422  
RHC Miana Gondal 0546-550039


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