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Mangat – Gurudwara Of Bhai Bannu

Mangat is the name of not only a small town in Mandi Bahauddin, but also a Sikh clan. My subject of this post is also about the Sikh connections to this town. It houses a magnificent and splendid gurudwara. I discovered it just by chance. I was travelling from Gujrat to Sargodha, when I passed through Mangat, I saw just a glimpse of this grand building and it captivated my attention and went to see it. A local gentleman happily accompanied me and told me a few things about it. A primary school functioned in it for some time, but now it is luckily vacant.

Mr Iqbal Qaiser has given the following details on the website “”:

The residence of Bhai Bannu Ji, a devotee of Sat Gur Arjun Dev Ji, was at this place. “Bhai Bannu wall beerr (volume) of Granth Sahib” was kept here in the book form.
At the side of the tank, a beautiful Gurdwara was built during Sikh rule by the royal command of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. A large endowment of land was made but the priests got it transferred in their names. This is a splendid darbar. The tank is getting filled with dust. There is now a vegetable market outside the Gurdwara. The floral frescoes have been painted on the walls.

This gurdwara is located at 32° 30′ 47.62″ N, 73° 30′ 16.66″ E. Just six or seven kilometers from Mandi Bahaudddin on Phalia Road. If you have any interest in old buildings and our heritage, you will be delighted to visit this place.

The most encouraging thing about this gurudwara is that unlike many other gurudwaras it is not occupied by any one. So it can easily be managed and restored to its past glory. This task can be accomplished without much cost to our government. I am sure that if we invite Sikh organizations they will be more than happy to participate in its repair. It can be a symbol of peace and love between the two communities. After all it is a house of God.

I shall appreciate your comments on the above post. Similarly I most welcome your suggestions to improve it or any more information on this subject, which I shall use with all due credit.

Tariq Amir


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