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:                   Info From: M. Ilyas Gondal

Mattoo is a village in Union Council Bhoa Hassan. About 2 Km South East from Bhoa Hassan and 8 Km South west of Qadir Abad. It has a very rich farming field and hard workers farmers. Its population is 3000. Having wide streets, telephone, nice Sewerage system, educated peoples, Boys and Girls Primary School. 

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  • Dr. Tahir Abbas Gondal M.S. Aziz Bhatti Hospital Gujrat
  • Dr. Tariq Mehmood Makhdoom Surgeon Civil Hospital M.B.Din
  • Nazir Ahmed Advocate Lahore  High Court
  • Hafiz Manzoor Ahmed Makhdoom X-Head master M.B.Din
  • Khalid Mehmood Makhdoom S.S.T. M.B.Din.
  • Pervez Ahmed Gondal Inspector Punjab Police
  • Bashir Ahmed Ayaz Head Teacher P.S. Mattoo
  • Nasir Iqbal Gondal Advocate (A.S.I)
  • M. Ilyas Gondal Software Engineer Abu Dhabi UAE
  • Shahid Naseem Gondal Advocate
  • Shahid Hassnain Gondal A.S.I. Punjab Police
  • Mazher Iqbal Panjotha C.S.P Officer
  • Munir Ahmed Advocate Session Court Lhr

Main Crops                                                                            

Wheat, Cotton, Rice, Sugar Cane, Tobbacco

Social Personalities of the village

  1. Ch. Jamshaid Tahir Gondal ( Late)
  2. Bashir Ahmed Ayaz Head Teacher P.S. Mattoo
  3. Asgir Ali Gondal ( Teacher)
  4. Fuji Mohammad Khan Gondal ( Ex-Pak Armi)
  5. Fuji Mohd. Hayyat Gondal (Ex-park Army)
  6. Master Mohd. Annayat Gondal ( Teacher)


  • Cricket, Walli ball,Kabbadi

Major Casts:

  1. Gondal
  2. Panjotha
  3. Kokhar
  4. Misc

Nearest Vilalges:

  • Bhoa Hassan -> West
  • Bhekhey Wal ->North
  • Melo Kohna ->East
  • Melo No-> South East
  • Devi Garh Chabbian ->South


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