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Naseerpur نصیر پور

Pakistani Village Pictures: A small canal and a bridge - Photos of Pakistani Villages

Naseerpur نصیر پور


Village Naseerpur نصیر پور or Naseer Pur is an Island between the River Jehlum and situated 3 KM far from Malikwal City. Daman-e-Khizar Park is very near to the village. It is included in the Union Council No. 49 of Tehsil Malakwal.


Naseerpur is an historical village because it has been established before the constitution of Pakistan. The history of village is 200 year old. The boundaries of the village have been defined during 1979-1980.

Nearby Villages:

  • East: Burj Sattar
  • West: Malikwal 3 KM
  • North: Lokri Fateh Shah


65 Families, Total 400 people (Including Male & Female)


24 Marraba



Educated Personalities:

  1. Muhammad Ikram S/O Muttalli Khan (M.A. Education)
  2. Muhammad Yar S/O Sher Muhammad(M.A.)
  3. Amjad Farooq S/O Allah Yar(B.A)
  4. Muddassar Abbas S/O Nadir Khan (F.A)

Famous Personalities:

  • Malik Zahoor S/O Sher Muhammad
  • Faiz Ahmed S/O Sher Muhammad
  • Abdul Ghafoor S/O Sher Muhammad
  • Muhammad Yar S/O Sardar Khan

Major Casts:

  • Malik Awan
  • Sipra
  • Langha

Source Of Income:

All the population of the village depends upon Agriculture and most of the people are farmers.


The only way of transportation is personal boats of villagers, because the Village has no by road access to any side.


  • Gulli Danda
  • Cricket
  • Garam Pithoo
  • Bantey




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