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Pakistan Petrol Price from Today 16 March 2024 [updated]

petrol price

The federal government has announced the Pakistan petrol and diesel prices in the country for the second half of March 2024 on Friday. The government has announced a decision to reduce the price of high-speed diesel by Rs 1.77 per liter and maintain the price of petrol.

Pakistan Petrol Price

Product Price
Petrol Rs 279.75
Diesel Rs 285.56

According to the notification, the price of petrol will remain at Rs 279.75 per litre. However, the price of high-speed diesel has come down by 1.77 rupees per litre, bringing it down to 285.56 paise per litre.

Although not clearly mentioned in the notification, sources in the finance ministry say that the price of light diesel oil has also been reduced by Rs 2.12 per liter and the price of kerosene by Rs 1.35 per litre.

Sources further said that the government is collecting around Rs 82 per liter tax on both petrol and diesel. The levy on petrol and diesel is Rs 60 per litre. The government has collected Rs 475 billion from consumers during the first six months. The target is to collect 920 to 970 billion rupees in the current financial year.


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