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Pakistan Ranger Academy Mandi Bahauddin

Pakistan Rangers Academy Mandi Bahauddin

Pakistan Rangers Academy Mandi Bahauddin (Punjab) during recent years have made tremendous efforts to improve their professional standards despite various internal security and other commitments. This was made possible by clear directive, meticulous planning and focused mission oriented training by all ranks down the chain of Command. The challenges of obtaining environment are enormous and spectrum of threat continues to widen. Role of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) has enhanced from Border Guarding Force to a more professional outfit, expected to defend particular sectors as well as actively participate in what we call ‘Operations Other Than War’, peace keeping missions and disaster relief operations. This perspective presents a challenging scenario which must spur the best in everyone. Measuring up to the challenging task has always been the dominant creed of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab).

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  • اسلام علیکم سر میرا نام علی رضا ہے میرا فزیکل ٹیسٹ 5تاریخ ہونا تھا منڈی بہاولدین میں کسی مجبوری کے باعث نہیں آ پایا تو کیا میں 7 تاریخ اپنا فزیکل ٹیسٹ دے سکتا ہوں

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