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Pandowal Bala پانڈووال بالا

kuthiala khurd

Pandowal Bala پانڈووال بالا

Info By: Shansha Usama


The village Pandowal Bala پانڈووال  بالا is located near Kuthiala Shaikhan in Tehsil & District Mandi Bahauddin. It is a historical village.

Neighbouring Villages:

Sources Of Income

The majority of the villagers are engaged in agriculture. Some people also work as labourer. most of the youth of the villagers are employed abroad.

Major Casts

The majority of the villagers belong to the Ranjha family while there are some other tribes like

  • Ranjha
  • Gondal
  • Tarar
  • Kadhar
  • Gheba
  • Sial
  • Makhen
  • Bhinder
  • Chadhar
  • Wraich
  • Hanjra
  • Lillah
  • Miany
  • Lohar
  • Mochi
  • mahajar
  • Kasbi
  • Kumhar
  • Muslim shaikh
  • Qureshi
  • Darzi
  • Machii
  • Taili
  • Nai

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Famous Personalities:

  1. Ch. Sultan Mahmood Ranjha
  2. Ch. Abid Hussain Numberdar
  3. Ch. Aslam Sardar Tarar
  4. Ch. Allah Bakhash Gondal
  5. Ch. Yasir Arfat Gondal
  6. Ch. Ahmad khan Ranjha
  7. Ch. Haroon Gondal
  8. Ch. Sajid Imran Sial
  9. Ch. Mansha Gheba
  10. Ch. Aslam Ranjha
  11. Ch. Abass Ranjha
  12. Ch. Aslam Mutali khan Ranjha
  13. Ch. Ishtiaq Ahmad Ranjha Numberdar
  14. CH Sikandar Hayat Ranjha
  15. Ch. Manak Ali Ranjha
  16. Ch. Sajjid Ranjha Numberdar
  17. Ch. Sanawar Iqbal Ranjha
  18. Ch. Noraiz Ahsan Ranjha
  19. Ch. Basheer Mutali khan Ranjha
  20. Ch. Azhar Sohail Ranjha
  21. Ch. Muhammad Yousaf Gondal (PWS)
  22. Ch. Riaz Ahmad Ranjha
  23. Ch. Muhammad Nawaz Ranjha
  24. Ch. Umer Hayat Numberdar
  25. Ch. Tahir Mahmood Makhen
  26. Ch. Munawar Iqbal Ranjha
  27. Ch. Mumtaz Ahmad Gondal
  28. Ch. Azhar Pervaiz Ranjha
  29. Ch. Zubair Ahmad Ranjha
  30. Ch. Farhat Naveed Ranjha
  31. Ch. Mansha Bhinder
  32. Ch. walait Ranjha
  33. Ch. Oranzaib Ranjha
  34. Ch. Liaqat Ali Ranjha
  35. Ch. Fathy Muhammad Ranjha
  36. Ch. Zafar Iqbal Ranjha
  37. Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Kadhar
  38. Ch. Mazhar Iqbal Sial
  39. Ch. Imtiaz Ahmad Waraich
  40. Ch. Amjad Shehzad Ranjha
  41. Ch. Zulfqar Ali Ranjha
  42. Ch. Muhammad Azam Ranjha
  43. Ch. Iftikhar Ahmad Gondal
  44. Ch. Shokat Ali Lillah
  45. Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Ranjha
  46. Ch. Gulam Ali Gondal
  47. Ch. Ijaz Ahmad Lillah
  48. Ch. Zafar Ranjha ASI
  49. Ch. Shafqat Javeed Tarar
  50. Ch. Qaisar Farooq Ranjha
  51. Ch. Awais Ranjha
  52. Ch. Faisal Zulfiqar Ranjha

Educated People

  • Zahid Sardar Ranjha (principle Govt. Islamia High school)
  • Muhammad Yousaf Gondal (Govt. Teacher)
  • Master Amjad Ranjha (Govt. Teacher)
  • Master Iftikhar Ranjha(Govt. Teacher)
  • Master Zafar Kadhar(Govt. Teacher)
  • Master Afzal Kadhar (Govt. Teacher)
  • ADV Waqas Ranjha (Govt. Teacher)
  • Hammad Ul Umer Hamid Ranjha(M.A Education)
  • Zafer Iqbal Ranjha(Railway Officer)
  • Shoaib Ahmad Ranjha(Inspector)
  • Sikander Hayat (Manager)
  • Muzamal Shezad Ranjha (Punjab Police)
  • Sohail Ranjha (Dr)
  • Mohsin Aftab Ranjha (Dr)
  • Hakeem Mustafa Ahmad Farooqi (Dr)
  • Farhat Naveed Ranjha (Income Tax)
  • Imran Ashraf Ranjha (Punjab Police)
  • Zafar Iqbal Ranjha (Punjab Police)
  • Safder Iqbal Ranjha (Punjab Police)
  • Syed Qamar Gillani(Punjab Police)
  • Waseem Nawaz Ranjha (FIA)
  • Waqas Tanveer Ranjha(Punjab Police)
  • Sheezad Asghar Tarar(Punjab Police)
  • Shahansha Usama Ranjha


Govt. Islamia High School Pandowal Bala

Govt. Girls High School Pandowal Bala

Pandowal Welfare Society

پانڈووال ویلفیئر سوسائٹی ایک منافع بخش اور غیر سیاسی فلاہی تنظیم ہے جس کا مقصد مستحق لوگوں کی کسی بھی قیمت پر مدد کرنا ہے۔

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

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Information Provided By: Shansha Usama

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Last update: 10-12-2022


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