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Pejo Kot

Pejo Kot                   Info by,Master Aurangzeb Tarar


Village pejo kot is in Tehsil Phalia ,Distt Mandi Bahauddin.It is situated 28 km in the west of famous city Gujrat via Mungowal.and Mandi Bahauddin city is 35 km in north west via Pahrianwali from pejokot.Phalia is just 15 km in the west of the village.


Pejo was a man from Tarar familly.Way before it was part of jokalian ,Then a battle took place between jokalian and jano chakk.and that battle (dhaarran) was taken place here ,later on pwoplw started to live here .The leader of the jokalian force named as pejo started to live here.
Pejo kot is established since 500 years.


Population of the village is round about 2000 persons


The village is divided at familly bases
Niabat ke
Adwani ke
Lathab ke
Kattay ke
Mubark ke

Nature of the people

People of the village are very hospitable,friendly, hard working,and moderate.


40 muraba

Union Council

There is 1 wards of the village and Union council of the village is Narang

Source of income

Source of income of village comes agricultur sector.govt services,and most of the people are living abroad ( spain.america,england,middle east etc)

Neighbouring villages

Mitha chakk           ——->east
Kot Sattar eastern  ——-> west
Chakk Zahir             —–> north
Jokalian                  ——-> south

Social personalities of the village

Ghulam qadir s/o Dargahi
Aurangzeb s/o Malak khan
Safdar s/o Muhammad khan
Ghulam Qadir s/o Abdullah

Highly qualified persons

Iftikhar Ahmed s/o Ghulam qadir …..Advocate Phalia
Shan Muhammad s/o Sukkah ….ptc teacher
Auranzeb s/o Muhammad Ali ……teacher
Aurangzeb s/o Malak khan …….Teacher
Bashir Ahmed  s/o Muhammad Khan ….MA>Bed


There is no govt hospital in the village …

Main castes

Cheema…..1 %

Main crops

Wheat, rice, suger cane,vegetables.

Education sector

There  is just one Govt primary school for girls
And one Govt primary school for boys.


There is only one masjid in the village named as Jamia  Masjid.


Naik Shah
Sayyed Shah


Only one dara which is Mushtarka dara.


Tv, Mobile .Ptcl,Internet,


Canal R-14 passes by the village .which comes from Kunjah and ends at Thatta Hakim wala


volly ball, cricket, kabbadi

Shajra of info provider

Aurangzeb Tarar——->Malak khan——->Khawaja——->Sharaf deen.——->Allah deen——->Niabat——->dalail——->Qaim——->Sumail——->pejo——->Chajjo.

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