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Petrol Price is likely to increase by Rs 7 from February 1 in Pakistan

petrol price

Before the elections, the petrol price in Pakistan is likely to increase by rupees 7 from February 1, 2024. The caretaker government will revise oil prices from January 31. Oil prices will be adjusted as per OGRA’s recommendation.

Expected Petrol Prices

In Pakistan, the price of petrol is expected to increase by 8 to 11 rupees and the price of high speed diesel by 2 to 7 rupees per liter from February 1. The price of light diesel is likely to increase by Rs 1 per liter while the price of kerosene is likely to decrease by Rs 1 50 paise per litre. It is also being indicated that the prices of kerosene and light diesel will remain unchanged for the next fortnight.

Petrol Price In Pakistan Today

Products Today Petrol Price
MS (Petrol) Rs 259.34
High Speed Diesel (HSD) Rs 276.21
Kerosene oil Rs 186.86
Light diesel oil Rs 164.83

It should be remembered that the government had reduced the prices of petroleum products by Rs. 8 from January 15.

According to the report, the caretaker government will revise the prices of petroleum products from January 31 to February 15, 2024. Petrol and diesel prices are likely to increase by Rs 7 per liter from January 31, but OGRA has not yet sent any proposal regarding the prices of petroleum products. The price revision of petroleum products will be done as per the recommendations of OGRA.



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