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Pindi Alhani پنڈی الہانی

Pindi Alhani پنڈی الہانی

Info Provided by: Ranjha Janoon

E-Mail Address:

Contact No. 03007565094

Brief Introduction of Village:

Yeh Gaon Darya-e-Jehlum ke kinare par abad hai is ki abadi takreeban 2550 hai. Is ke Mashrak mein Khewa sharif aur Mong. Janoob mein Ahla. Shamal me Darya e jehlum hai aur is Magrab mein majhi sharif hai is gaon mein ek primary school hai.

This village is situated near Jehlum River .This village has population nearly 2,550 .It has beautiful scenes, Jehlum River bank and very greenery scene.

Educated Personalities of the village:

  1. Ch. Ahmad Yar Namberdar
  2. Ch. Faryad Hussain Gondal
  3. CH. Imran Qadir Gondal
  4. CH. Mushtaq Ahmed Gondal
  5. Ch. Qamar Shezad Gondal
  6. Nasir Arfat

Main Casts of the village:

  1. Gondal
  2. Kumhar
  3. Mochi
  4. Khokhar

Main Crops of the village:

  • Gandam
  • Dhan
  • Mong Phali
  • Sarson

Nearest Villages:

:Problems of the Villag

Gaon mein high school aur post office ka masla hai


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