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Price Of Petrol Is Expected To Increase By Rs 15 from September 16

petrol price

Price Of Petrol

The price of Petrol may increase from September 16, 2023. After the increase in the price of crude oil by $5 per barrel in the global markets, the prices of petroleum products are likely to increase by 15 rupees per liter on September 16.

Amid rising crude oil prices in international markets, fears of a new inflationary storm are rising in Pakistan. If the value of the dollar does not fall further, the prices of petroleum products may increase from September 16. An increase of Rs 15 per liter is possible.

Petrol Price Barrel

The price of crude oil in the Gulf market increased from $88 per barrel to $93. According to the Pakistani currency, the price of crude oil in the world market on September 1 was 25 thousand 344 rupees per barrel, in which an increase of 2 thousand 742 rupees was recorded.

Today Petroleum Price In Pakistan – 1 September 2023

After the increase in prices, the price of crude oil in Pakistani currency has reached 28 thousand 86 rupees per barrel.


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