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Punjab Games


This is another game, basically for women. Two girls clasp their hands and move in circle. This was a game, which was played by two or four girls and multiple of two thereof.
Kikli kleer di,
Pag mere vir de,
Daupatta mere bhai da
Phitte mun jawai da

Kokla Chhapaki

This game is popular even today amongst the children. Both boys and girls play it. Children sit in a circles and a child who has cloth in hand goes around the circle-singing: It is a kind of warning for the children sitting in a circle not to look back. The cloth is then dropped at the back of a child. If it is discovered before the child who had placed it there had completed the round, the child who discovered the cloth would run after him and try to touch him with it till he sits in the place vacated by the one who had discovered the cloth.

Chicho Chich Ganerian
This game is for both boys and girls. It is generally played by two teams and involves drawing as many vertical lines as possible.

Lukan Miti (Hide & Seek)

This was also played by both boys and girls and continues to this day. Two teams can also play this. One has to hide, the other has to seek but before doing it a call is given.

Guli Danda

This is basically a game for the boys and is the simplest version of modern cricket. It is played with a wooden stick and ‘guli’ (another small wooden piece pointed at both the ends.) Two teams divide themselves, one throws the guli and the other team uses the danda- (stick) to strike it. There are various other games that are played with Guli Danda

Kidi Kada or Stapoo

This is a game played both by the girls and boys. It is still common amongst some of the children. This game is played with in small boundary (court), drawn on the ground and a piece of stone.

Ghaggar Phissi
This is another game for the boys. One boy would bend and the other boys, may be one or two or three get on top of him, if he could bear the weight, he would win. In case he could not bear the weight and fell, he would lose.

This game is popular even today and is played now by both boys and girls. This was included in the Asian Games also and is popular all over south Asia. The game is played between two teams. A line is drawn between the two teams and each team would send a player across the line. If the player after crossing the line is able to touch a player of the opposite side and came back without being caught, the team doing so would win and a point was added to its score. This process by the player crossing the line has to be performed in a single breath. The team with higher score would be the winner

Rasa Kashi (Tug of War)
The men generally played this game. These day’s women also participate in the game which is played by two teams. A line is drawn between the two teams, each having one end of the rope in its hands. The team, which is able to drag the other team to its side, is the winning team.

These were very popular. Located near the well outside the village, sometimes near the temple. These were the places where the boys learnt wrestling from a Guru or Pehlwan-Wrestler.

Martial Art
This was also a part of the teaching in Akharas, where the boys learnt the use of weapons. Nihangs practice martial arts to keep up the traditions.

Kite Flying (Patang Bazi)
It is now very much an urbanized game and is popular with the rural folks as well. It has now assumed an International character.
Besides the games mentioned above, Chaupat, Shatranj (Chess), camel and bullockcart races, cock fights in addition to Kabutar bazi, chakore bazi and bater bazi are well known.
LATTOO ( yo-yo), played mostly by the boys.


Bandar Qilla (Baander killa)

Bandar Qilla (Baander killa)

A famous game used to play in streets or play grounds is BANDAR QILLA. The stuff needed to play this game is a nail, pillar or a tree and a rope 3 to 4 feet long. 3 or more people can play this game. Joy and pleasure attached to the game is directly related to the number of participants, the game becomes even more interesting if greater number of players join it.

گلی ڈنڈا

یہ کھیل بنیا دی طور پر لڑ کوں کا کھیل ہے اورر جد ید کرکٹ کی ایک قسم ہے۔ یہ ایک بہت ہی پسند یدہ کھیل جو تمام علا قوں میں کھیلا جا تا ہے۔
طر یقہ کار:یہ کھیل ایک لکڑی کے ڈنڈے اورگلی کے سا تھ کھیل جا تا ہے۔ دو ٹمیں برا برا تقسیم کی جا تی ہے۔ایک ٹیم گلی پھینکتی ہیں اور دو سری ڈنڈا استعمال کر تی ہے۔ ڈنڈا اس گلی کو ما ر نے کے لئے استعما ل کیا جا تا ہے۔ز مین میں ایک کھتی کھو دی جا تی ہیں ۔ گلی کو اس کھتی پر رکھ کر ڈنڈے کی مدد سے ا چھا لا کر دور پھینکی جا تی ہے کھتی کے سا منے کچھ فا صے پر مخا لف ٹیم کے کھلا ڑی کھڑے ہو تے ہیں اگر وہ گلی کو زمیں پر گرنےسےپہلے لو چ لیں تو کھیلنے والے کی با ری ختم ہو جاتی ہے اس کی جگہ دوسر اساتھی آجاتا ہے اگر گلی زمین پر گر جائے تو ڈنڈے کو کھتی پر رکھ دیا جا تا ہے مخا لف ٹیم کا کھلا ڑی گلی سے ڈنڈے کو نشا نہ بنا تا ہے۔اگرگلی ڈنڈے کو لگ جائے تو با ری ختم ہو جا تی ہے۔اگر گلی ڈنڈے کو نہ لگے تو کھلا ڑی زمین پر گری ہو ئی گلی کودو چو ٹیں لگا تا ہے۔اسےٹل لگا نا کہتے ہیں۔گلی جہاں بھی گر ے مخالف اسے وہاں سے اٹھا کر کھتی پر رکھے ہو ئے ڈنڈے کو نشا نہ بنا تا ہے۔ اگر گلی ڈنڈے کو لگ جائے تو کھیلنے والے کی باری ختم ہو جا تی ہے۔اس طرح یہ کھیل جا ری ریتاہے۔
پتنگ بازی

یہ بھی اس علاقے کے لڑکوں کا بہت پسند یدہ کھیل ہے ۔موسم بہار میں تو ہر طرف رنگ برنگی پتنگیں فضا میں اڑتی نظر آتی ہیں


یہ کھیل صرف لڑکے ہی کھیلتے ہیں ۔اوریہ کھیل ہمارے علاقے میں بہت مشہور ہے۔یہ کھیل لڑکے بہت شوق سے کھیلتے ہیں۔
طر یقہ کار:اس کھیل میں دو ٹیمیں برا برا تقسیم کی جا تی ہیں۔ ایک گول دا ئرہ بنا یا جا تا ہےاور اس کے اندر چھو ٹی سی لکیر لگائی جاتی ہےاور دو نو ںٹمیں چار چار بنٹے اس لکیر کے او پر ر کھتے ہیں۔ اور دونوں ٹمیں ایک ایک بنٹا باری باری کھچنتے ہیں اور جس کا بنٹاگول دائرے میںآیاجاتا ہےتو پھر زیادہ بنٹےجینتے کی کو شش کر تا ہے اور اس طرح یہ کھیل جاری ریتا ہے۔


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