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Ranmal Sharif رنمل شریف

Ranmal Sharif


E-Mail Address:
Contact No. 03056047748

Locations جگہ  :

Village Ranmal Sharif is located in Tehsil Phalia District Mandi Bahauddin. It is 45 K.M far from city Mandibhaudin.

Neighboring Villages قریب کے علاقے :

Neighboring villages of Ranmal Sharif are North Kalu pindi, East Theta Naik, South Sahnpal, West ADA RANMAL SHARIF AND Bhaget etc….

 Population آبادی :

It is a big Village only about 600 houses are in it and about 4,100 peoples live in them. 

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Transportation ٹریفک کا نظام :

Village is located almost 45 KM towards from Mandi Bahauddin City. 3 KM from MANO CHAK and 15 KM from PHALIA, 50 KM from GUJRAT and 15 KM from Manguwal. People of the village travel on Buses, Vans from ADA RANMAL SHARIF Bus Stop or Villages own Bus Stop. Motor Cycles, Motor Car and Cycles are very common in the village which are used to go towards their lands or nearby areas.

Registered voters ووٹرز کی تعداد :

The number of registered voters in the village is almost 2000 among them almost half of them are of female voters. Although village is big but at the time of election village splits into three parts. Each group tries to cast votes against each other. At the time of BD elections both males and females cast vote at National and Provincial Assembly elections both males and female cast their votes.

Major Castes مشہور ذات

Major casts of the village are:

  • Tarar
  • Nushahi
  • Warraich
  • Chauhan (muhajer)
  • Muslim Shaikh  

Other casts

Ranmal Sharif

Famous Personalities  مشہور شخصیات :

Important personalities of the village are as follows:

Ch. Muhammad Rafi Tarar چوہدری محمد رفیع تارڑ

چوہدری محمد رفیع تارڑ 1958 میں چوہدری غلام رسول تارڑ کے گھر پیدا ہوئے اور اپنی پرائمری تعلیم رنمل سے کی پھر میٹرک ہائی سکول پنڈی کالو سے کیا اور سکول کے کھیلوں میں (کھیل چھلانگ ) میں حصہ لے کر ضلع بھر میں اپنے سکول کا نام روشن کیا ۔ 1985 میں پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی سے اپنی سیاسی اور عملی سیاست کا آغاز کیا اور 1985 میں یونین کونسل جوکالیاں کے چیرمین منتخب ہوئے اور بعد میں عام انتخاب میں پھر 3 مرتبہ کونسلر یونین کونسل جوکالیاں سے منتخب ہوئے اور اپنے گاوں رنمل شریف کو ایک ماڈل کے طور پر اجاگر کیا 1993 میں ضلع منڈی بہاوالدین بنوانے کی تحریک میں بانی ضلع حاجی محمد افضل چن کے ساتھ فرنٹ لائن پر رہے 1997 کو 40 سال کی عمر میں اپنے حقیقی خدا سے جاملے ۔۔

چوہدری محمد رفیع تارڑ چیرمین کے برے بھائی چودہری باقر علی خاں تارڑ نے سیاست کی بھاگ دوڑ سنبھالی اور مسلم لیگ (ق) کے تحصیل پھالیہ کے نایب صدر بنے 2012 میں وہ بھی اپنے حقیقی خدا سے جاملے ۔ان کی وفات کے بعد ان کے سب سے چھوٹے بھائی چوہدری نزیر احمد تارڑ نے اپنی عملی سیاست کا آغاز کیا اور 2001 میں یونین کونسل جوکالیاں سے کونسلر منتخب ہوئے اور پھر دوسری مرتبہ 2004 میں منتخب ہوئے۔

چوہدری محمد رفیع تارڑ (محروم)کے درمیان والے صاحبزادے چوہدری جہانگیر عباس تارڑ موضع رنمل شریف کے موجودہ نمبردار ہے اور چوہدری محمد رفیع تارڑ کے بڑے صاحبزادے چوہدری نوید رفیع ہے جو کے عوامی شخصیت ہے اور ہر غریب آدمی کے کام برے احسن طریقے سے کرتے ہیں اور مظلوم کا ساتھ دیتے ہیں

  • Qalib Hussain shah Nushahi (Vice chairmen UC Kālu pindi).
  • Dildar Shah Nushahi Civil Judge
  • Naeem Ul Haq Nushahi (ADVOCATE Ex. D.D.P.P)
  • Nazir Ahmed Tarar  (Ex Councilor)
  • Muhammad Akram (Patwari) 
  •  Muhammad Rayaset Ali (lamnberdar)
  • Muhammad Baqir Tarar ( Engineer)
  • Muhammad Nawaz Tarar (Xen  late.)
  • Muhammad Azam Tarar (Subedar Major)
  • Sub Inspector Ghulam Abbas Tarar
  • ASI Zaighum Shah
  • Waqar Mehdi Tarar Advocate
  • Muhammad Sanwal Tarar Advocate
  • Khawer Nawaz Tarar Advocate.
  • Hassan sardar (Head master)
  • Muhammad Zaman Nushahi (Al Maroof Dully Shah)

Means Of Earning  ذریعہ معاش :

Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services and among them most are in WAPDA and ARMY. Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad that’s why many peoples of the village are found in France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Muscat etc. in search of their earning.

Way of living زندگی بسر کرنے کے طریقے :

Peoples of the village live a simple life. They have very friendly behavior. Peoples are very much hostile, peaceful and sincere. Except few black sheeps vulgarity is an uncommon thing. People of the village go to their lands to care their cattles and crops and come back in the evening so they have a very busy life. Young boys play Cricket, Volleyball or play cards in their extra time. Peoples of the village remains careful about fight and misbehavior because if any body do a little mistake, other party persons quickly report to the police at THANA BHAGET. Which is only 1.5 km away from village.

Bazars and Markets بازار اور مارکیٹ :

There are 50 Shop’s (Karyana shops) are present which provide commodities of daily use. Peoples have to go PHALIA and M.B.Din for major shopping and to for minor shopping.

  • Arif Chauhan (P.C.O)
  • Asgher Hamam
  • Muhammad Bashir Shoes & Cloth House
  • Bhutta Shoes & Cloth House
  • Tarar corporation Agriculture
  • Chadher corporation Agriculture


Mosques مساجد

There are total 7 mosques in the village which’s are:

  • Jamia Masjid
  • Darbar NOSHAPAK Masjid
  • Nushahi Masjid

There is also Madrasa’s.

Shrine’s مزارات :

There are only 3 big Shrine’s Which’s are:


And some small shrine

Schools and Education سکولز و تعلیمی ادارے :

Literacy rate of the village is much better. Almost every child of the village goes to school.

There are 5 schools in the village:

  1. Suffa Model high School & Collage (Private)
  2. Aftab Model School (Private)
  3. Nushahi Public School (Private)
  4. Govt. B.B.S girls High School Ranmal Sharif .
  5. Govt. Elementary boys School Ranmal Sharif .

Highly Qualified Persons پڑھے لکھے لوگ :

Although the literacy rate is good but only few persons are Master degree holders among them:

  1. Rafaqet Hayat (Principle Of Suffa .Model School M.B.A.)
  2. Waqar Mehdi Tarar (L.L.B Advocate)
  3. Muhammad Sanwal  Tarar  (L.L.B Advocate)
  4. Khawer Nawaz Tarar (L.L.B Advocate)
  5. Muhammad Baqir Tarar  (Civil Engineer KARACHI)
  6.  Mushin Faheem Nushahi (Civil Engineer Head Rasool)
  7. Bilal shah Nushahi (Civil Engineer Head Rasool)
  8. Muhammad Munier ul haq Nushahi (Late Prof Civil Engineering collage Head Rasool)
  9. Hassan Sardar  (M.A.English.S.S.T Head Master HELLAIN )
  10.  Qalib Hussain shah Nushahi. Vice chairman UC.
  11. Muhammad Ashffaq Punjab police
  12. Arshad Ahmad Tarar Punjab police
  13. Shoket Chauhan reader M.b.din court
  14. Aftab shah ahlmed Phalia Court
  15. Amir Nawaz ahlmed M.b.din court
  16. Imran reader m.b.din court. etc…
  • And (Four  female are Advocate)
  • (one is civil judge)  and

 few have also done Master degrees in different subjects.  

Health Facilities صحت کی سہولیات :

There is no hospital And no Medical facilities

Media Facilities میڈیا کی سہولیات :

In the village Television, Radio, Tape Recorder, PTCL Phones and Mobile Phones with services of all the Telecom companies are present in almost every house. Few homes in the village also possess COMPUTERS and use internet.


Flora and Fauna جانور و سبزہ :

As the area is very productive both animals and plants love to stay here.

Domestic animals of the village are

  • Buffalos (bhainsein)
  • Cows and Bulls (gaey aur bael)
  • Sheeps (bhairain)
  • Goats (bakrian)
  • Horses (ghoray)
  • Donkeys (gadhay)
  • Dogs (kutay)
  • Cats (Bilian)
  • Hens (murgean)
  • Rabbits (khargosh)
  • Pigeons (kabutar)
  • Fishes (in forms)
  • Ducks (batkhain)

As the land of the villagers is 1 to 2 Km from the village and it is very much close to RIVER CHNAB AND UPER CHANAB AND LOWER JAHLIM  therefore a lot of area is available for wild animals. Wild animals found in the villagers land are:

  • Jackals (geedarr)
  • Snakes (saanp)
  • Pigs (sours)
  • Wild Cats (jangly billay)
  • Fishes of many types
  • Tortoises (kachhway)
  • Parrots (totay)
  • Sparrows and Finches (chirian)
  • Sea Gulls (baglay)
  • Wild Ducks (murgabian)

Village land is very much fertile, availability of water is enough although soil not suitable for GYMNOSPERMS and FERNS but ANGIOSPERMS are very much common in the village which include both ornamental and wild. Important plant of the village are as under:

  1. Acacia species (kikar)
  2. Dalbergia sisso (tahli)
  3. Rosa indica (gulab)
  4. Orange species (maltay aur methhay)
  5. Guava (amrood)
  6. Mangoes (aam)
  7. Gomi (dhraik)
  8. Bamboo (Baance)

Crops of the village گائوں کی مشہور فصلیں :

Land of this village is very fertile almost every crop of the world can be grown here.People use peter engines for irrigation purposes. Major crops of the village are

  1. Wheat (gandam)
  2. Rice (chawal)
  3. Corn (mukai)
  4. Potato (aalo)
  5. Barley (jao)
  6. Sugar Cane (kamad)
  7. Sweet Pea (mator)
  8. Chicken Pea (chana)
    All Vegetables etc.

Sports کھیل :

  • Volleyball
  • Cricket

Problum’s of the Village گائوں کے مسائل :

  • Sui GAS Problem
  • Dust Problem
  • Road’s Condition is bad
  • Street Problems’
  • Water Removal system is not good
  • High School for boys  is needed.
  • No health facilities

Crime rate in the Village گائوں میں جرائم کی شرح :

As it is already mentioned that most of the reports in Thana City M,B,Din belong to this village in which most are to pull legs or arms of the opposing party but the steeling of cattles is an important problem faced by villagers especially JUTT families such Thieves does not belong to this village but to nearby villages whom names are not good to mention, in this village few black sheeps in young generation are also going on wrong path.

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(Last update: 15th May, 2020)


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