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Rasul Barrage

Rasul Barrage is a barrage on the River Jehlum in Mandi Bahauddin District of the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is situated 72 km downstream of Mangla Dam.
Rasul Barrage is used to control water flow in the River Jhelum for irrigation and flood control purposes.
Rasul Barrage was constructed in 1968 and has a discharge capacity of 24070 cubic meter per second[1]. Water is drived from this point to Chenab River at Qadirabad through Rasul-Qadirabad link canal, then ultimately transferred to Sulemanki Barrage on the Sutlej River. Rasul-Qadirabad link canal has the second largest water discharge capacity after Chashma-Jhelum link canal. It has 538-m³/s discharge capacity while Chashma-Jhelum link canal has 615-m³/s capacity.


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