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Ratoo رتو

Ratto رتو

                        Info. by Nawaz Khokhar

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Village Ratto is in Tehsil Phalia distt Mbdin. Its round about 12 km from Phalia in south and 6 km from village Qadirabad in east. It is situated at small road from Ranmal shareef to Qadirabad.


History of village Ratto is very interesting. A way before there was a battle between Kala shadian and Bahri .It happend in sikhs era.There were a lot of people killed in that battle. Men from Kala Shadian were killed more than Bahri. In that era, principle of the govt was that bodies were counted from both sided ,and if one side has less men killed then more people was killed for balancing the both sides. A man from Govt came here for investigations. In those days a Man of Allah , Allad dad came here and he saw that people of Kala were killed in less countings but they say that our men are killed in more numbers than Bahri .so that they want revenge from Bahri. Baba Allah daad noticed it . People of Bahri went to him and asked for help. He said them to make more graves than Kalas men .
Govt officer came here and saw those graves and he ordered to dig up the graves to see the bodies.when he dug up the graves and there were bodies in each grave made by Bahri men.So bahri men were saved by Alladad. Then People of Bahri decided to gave his some area to Alladad .Then he founded Ratto and his sons are now a days living here. Grave of Aladad is available between Kala and Bahri nowadays too. Marth familly is in big numbers in Ratto which is from Alladad sons.


Population of the village is round about 1000 persons

Nature of the people

People of the village are very hospitable,friendly, hard working,and moderate.


53 muraba


There is 1 ward of the village and Union council of the village is Ghanian.

Source of income

Source of income of village comes from agricultur sector, govt services and most of the people are living abroad (Spain, America England and Middle east etc)

Neighbouring villages

Lakia ——-> west
Malo Mahi giran—–> north
Channab river+ Bhari——-> south

Social personalities of the village

Sher Muhamamd s/o Khan Muhammad
Muhammad Inayt numberdar s/o Ghulam Muhammad
Muhammad Nawaz Khokhar
Haji Rasool bakhas s/o Salabat
Shan Muhammad s/o Deen Marth
Muhammad Aslam s/o Laal khan

Highly qualified persons

Muhamad Bashir Doctor
Tariq Mehmood
Muhammad Amjad Engineer
Qamad Zaman khokhar


There is no govt hospital in the village …

Main casts

    • Khokhar
    • Gondal
    • Marth
    • Tarar

Main crops

Wheat, rice, suger cane,vegetables.

Education sector

There is just one Govt primary school each for girls and boys .


    1. Sain deeen Ali
    1. Jarray wala

Media and Industry

Tv, Mobile .There is No PTCl in the village. There is one bricks company in the village.


Canal R-15 passes by the village .which comes from Chooknawali and ends at Thatta Khan Muhammad.


Volly bal


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