Sahana     ساھنا

Sahana is a village in Tehsil M.B.Din. It is 14 KM from Mandi-bahuddin towards West.The name of the village was given after the person Sahana who settled this village. They were two brothers and one Sister. The names of brothers were Sahana und Khanana and name of Sister was Cheemoo. Now  there are three villages (Sahana, Khanana and Cheemoo) at the distance of 1 Kilometer from one and other The Population is nearly 15.000. The village is situated on main Road called Sahana-Mandi bahauddin road.

The Literacy rate of the village is average. It has a Govt. high School for Boys and one Government High School for girls. There are also two Madrasa, Dars-ul-Quran for boys and for gilrs. There is one Telephone Exchange in the Village. There is one basic health center (Bunyaadi Markaz-i-Sahat) and one Animal Hospital (Vetenary Hospital) in the village. Sahana is Cultivated Area.The most Poplution of village is Agriculturist. Some are working in the Government Services, and a number of People are working abroad.

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

1. Col. Doctor Zafar Iqbal Gondal, CMH Kharian

2. Muhammad Riaz Gondal Cane Manager Phalia Sugar Mills

3. Haji Nazeer Gondal (Tehseeldar) 

4. Ghulam Abbas Gondal , E.D.O

Main Crops

 1. Wheat

2. Cotton

3. Rice

4. Sugar Cane

Nearest Villages

  • Cheemo, Khanana in North East
  • Shamahari in West
  • Balhar in North

·         Chak No.4, Chak No.5  in South


Main Castes

  • Gondal

Social Personalities of the Village  

1. Ch. Muhammad Hayat Gondal Ex. MPA

2. Ghulam Abbas Gondal (E.D.O)

3. Ch.M.Azam Gondal (ex.Nazim)


1. Cricket

2. Foot Ball

3. VollayBall

4. Kabadi

5. Guldanda