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Sanda سندا


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Sanda Village

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SANDA (Updated Form dt:01-04-2011)


Village Sanda is located in District Mandi Bahauddin Tehsil Malakwal. It can be reached by travelling from City Mandi Bahauddin to Sargodha.Sargodha road leads to Village Sanda by passing through Kuthiala shekhan,Gojra,Bar Moosa and then reach at Miana Gondal chowk,From Miana Gondal Chowk a road leads to Sanda passing through Police Station Miana Gondal.Another road also leads you reach Sanda from haid Faqirian after passing through Miana gondal.This road after passing through Sanda,leads to Pindi Rawan and villages and towns of district sargodha like Bhabera city,Kotmoman,Adhrehma and Halalpur.The Village Sanda is away from District Mandi Bahauddin about 55KM in Sauth West side.

Geographical Position

Village is divided in to four mohallas: one is Gondal Utla Mohallah,second Gondal Zerein Mohallah,third Peoples colony,fourth Maira Mohallah.And also there is a Sheikh Colony on the way a few meters away from the village Sanda near Shah Day Jand.All the people of Mohallas have very sincere relations among each other. Kanal lower Jhelum passes here from Haid faqirian only 4KM from village sanda.And often village people go to enjoy the beautiful view of head on canal lower jhelum at Head Faqirian Point and a beautiful Road also leads to Mona depot from the side of this Head, and also this is the point where people come for their banking needs,because here HBL and NBP two branches are open to provide services to this area people. Mona is Beautiful Cantt. Area Where many People doing jobs in agriculture,forestory and Animals care fields under army Control.Islamabad and Lahore Motorway is also near about 35Km from sanda to its West side When you travel on sargodha road and you reach Salam Interchange and this is the nearest interchange from where people of mandi Bahauddin can enter to travel to lahore or to Islamabad through motorway.This is about the Middle Point of Islamabad lahore motorway.From Salam it is about 03hours drive either you intend to go to Lahore or Islamabad on Motorway.

Area of the Village

Total area of the village is about 3000 acres,contain furtile agricultural lands.Canal water distribution line waters to all area of village up to tails that ends in sanda village.However people also have arrangement of local water tubewells for their extra water needs.These tubewells equipped with peter engines that consume Diesel oil.In the season of Rice cultivation, Extra water needs are felt and the use of these tubewells increases.

Brief History

After the british rule,here a famous name of BABA HABIB name comes in sanda History.He was a great Wali ALLAH .People say that he was Faqeer.Generally people call this village as SANDA LOKE FAQIRAN DA.He was one of the great folowers of Baba Farid Ganj Shakar(REHMTULLAH ALEH).Later this village was named as Sanda may be due to“ Baba habib Sainda village“.Sanda  history is very old very before the independence of Pakistan.When you visit the south side of the village,there is a Pakkee Mosque situated at a a High Place,along the Mosque there was also a deep well,Height of the area(like Khandrat) all around Mosque shows that Sanda village actually first populated on this place before Independence of Pakistan and after that this village move to present place.

Situation in 1947

Population of Sanda was mostly muslim in 1947 (at the partition time of sub-continent) there were only few families of HINDUES and a few SINGH.Here was big blood shed of these Hindus and Singhs when this News came that in Indea there a lot of bloodshed of Migrating muslims has started,who want migration to in reaction,our people killed many HINDUS and SINGHS here.And then Pakistan army Captured the House Goods of these Hindus and SINGHS for the purpose of exchange properties with the settlement of the migrants.

Neighbouring Villages

Neighbouring villages of Sanda are, in South,Village Pindi Rawan, in East Village Gunyan, and in North Town Miana gondal,in North East is Chk-49 Hujan,and in  West Village Garh Qaim.


Total Population  of the village is counted about 5000 people(in year2010). All the population of the village is muslim among them all are SUNNY except one house that is of SHIA. No non-muslim is there in the village.

Registered voters

The number of registered voters in the village is 3000 among them almost half of them are of female voters. At the time of election village splits to 2 parts. Each group tries to cast votes against each other. At the time of all BD elections, National and Provincial Assembly elections females caste their votes alongwith males.but the percentage of casting votes of females always counted lower than males.

Major Castes & Important Bradaries

Initially Main castes Gondal populated here.Late Dada Habib Gondal Was one of the Old Gondal Personalities of Sanda.Jaspal Family are also land owners of sanda,alongwith their lands in Salam District Sargodha.Late Ch.Salihoon Muhammad Jaspal(Dera)is located in north side of sanda.,Mehr,Sial,Mangat,Goray,Gdgore,Khichhi,Mangat,Jalpanay,Pakhoanay,Mianay,Tatry,Joyay,Marath,castes are also living here.Helping castes live  here in good number.In North East side about 2km,there is Dera of Late.Ch.Haji  Umar Hayat Mumnana,another Big Land owners of sand, alongwith there lands in Thattee Noor Dee.Other land Owners of Sanda are Gondal,Bhore ,Mianain,and Mehr.

Famous Personalities

  • Haji Muhammad Khan Gondal
  • Haji Khizar Hayat Gondal
  • Haji Bashir Ahmad Gondal-Saudi Arabia
  • Ch.Manazar Iqbal Gondal-Saudi Arabia
  • Ch.Khalid Mehmood Gondal-Saudia Arabia
  • Ch.Shahadat Ali Khan Gondal-Saudi Arabia
  • Ch.Tasawar Hayat Gondal-Saudi Arabia
  • Ch.Qaiser Mehmood Gondal-Saudi Arabia
  • Ch.Shah Khalid Gondal-Saudi Arabia
  • Ch.Zafar Iqbal Gondal
  • Ch.Muhammad Ejaz Jaspal
  • Ch.Mazhar Iqbal Mumnana
  • Chauhdry Shahid mehmood Gondal
  • Chaudary Liaqat Ali Khan Gondal (Member Union Council Garh Qaim)
  • Chaudry Saeed Ahmad Advocate(Former Nazim Union Council Garh Qaim & former President of Bar Council Mandi Bahauddin)
  • Mehr Shabbir Ahmad (Naib Nazim Union Council Garh Qaim)

·         Ch.Muhammad Nawaz Ahmad Gondal

·         Mehr Muhammad Ameer(owner Kinnu Processing Factory sanda)

·         Mehr Muhammad yar(Md Kinnu Processing Factory sanda)

·         Mehr Muhammad Shabbir (General Manager Kinnu Processing Factory sanda)

·         Mehr Muhammad Nazir(State of Kuwait)

·         Ch.Iftikhar ahmad Gondal(State of Kuwait)

·         Hafiz Arshad Mehmood(Saudi Arabia)

·         Feroze Ahmad Mangat

·         Fauji Mehr Muhammad Ameer

·         Ahmad Din Sial

·        Mian Muhammad Javed Gondal

·        Mian Farhad Gondal

·        Sher Ali Sial

·        Mian Muhammad Bakhsh(Norway National)

·        Mian Ghulam Ahmad Gondal

·        Ch.Muhammad Yar Gondal Member

·        Mian Sarfaraz Ahmad Gondal

·        Ch.Timar hayat Gondal(SST Teacher High School Miana Gondal)

·        Ch.Ahmad khan Nasir Gondal( former chairman Usshr Zakat Committee)

·        Ch Timar hayat Gondal (Former National Of USA)

·        SHO Muhammad Bakhsh Gondal

·        Dr .Khalid Mehmood Mondal

·        Dr.munawar Ahmad Gondal(Medical Technician BHU Sanda)

·        Hafiz Ghulam Ali Gondal(Post master Post Office Sanda)

·        Molana Ghulam Rasool sab Gondal

·        Ch.Zulifiqar Ahmad Akash Gondal-Saudia

·        Ch.Batee Khan Gondal

·        Ch.Hafiz Ghulam Rasool Gondal

·        Ch.Ejaz Ahmad Gondal(Member Union council Garh Qaim)

·        Muhammad Ramzan Naeem(SST G.H.School Miana Gondal)

·        Muhammad Aslam Sial(DTE G.H.School Miana Gondal)

·        Dr.Muhammad Ashraf Sial(Sanitaty inspector BHU Sanda)

·        Dr.Muhammad Sarwar Gondal

·        Dr.Ehsan Elahi Gondal(Medical Tecnician R.H.C.Miana Gondal)

·        Professor Shabbir Ahmad Gondal(Professor Govt.College Sargodha)

·        Hafiz Nazir Ahmad (Arbee Fazal-G.H.M.School Pindi Rawan)

·        Ch.Abdul Khaliq Gondal(SST-G.M. School Pindi Ranwan)

·        Ch.Muhammad Arshad Gondal(B.a/B.Ed)

·        Dr.Muhammad Haroon

·        Dr.Iftikhar Ahmed Shahid

·        Ch.Ejaz ahmad Gondal

·        Ch.Iftikhar Ahmad Gondal

·        Dr Ejaz Ahmad

Personalities of Past

·         Late Mian Dost Muhammad Faqeer Gondal

·         Late Mian Muhammad Ameer Gondal

·         Late Ch.Zubair Ahmad Gondal

·         Late Ch.Sher Khan s/o Mutallee Khan Gondal

·         Late Ch.Muhammad Yasin Gondal

·         Late Ch.Faiz Ahmad Gondal

·         Late Ch.Pehlwan Khan Numberdar

·         Late Mian Qamar Gondal

·         Late Mian Jhansher Gondal

·         Late Mian Shamsher Gondal

·         Late Muhammad Khan Sial

·         Late Ch.Allah Ditta Gondal

·         Late Mian Nazir ahmad gondal

·         Late Khan Muhammad Gondal

·         Late Molana Alhaj Muhammad Hussain Jalali(Former Khteeb Jamiah Naqshbandia Sanda)

·         Late Molana Sultan Ali (Former Khteeb Jamiah Ashrafia Dewbandaia Sanda)

·         Late Mian Munawwar Ahmad (Former National Norway)

·         Late Mian Muhammah Naveed Ahmad Gondal

·         Late Ch.Alhaj Salhoon Muhammad Jaspal

·         Late Ch.Haji Umar Hayat Mumnana

Social Welfare Activities of the Village

We are happy and proud of  that a Social commitee is also working very effectively in the village to facilitate the people of village.Commitee collects funds from the social welfare willing people,and then utilize these funds on the base of no profit no loss  to provide the facilties to people of the village. Street Lights,Street Sewege Systems,help in Emergency Situations are the initial projects of this commitee and still they thinking more.It is due to that of this Social Commitee that we see our streets brightening at night .Each street contain so many street lights glittering all the night and people feel like a day light in night time.It is the need of time that we urge wealthy people to come forward and go step by step with commitee with their social,moral and financial coperation

Members of Social welfare Committee:

·         Muhammad Yaqoob Gondal(M.A Islamic Studies)

·         Hafiz Muhammad Zubair(B.A-Arabi Fazal)

·         Ch.Muhammad Arshad Gondal(B.A B.Ed)

·         Mukhtar Ahmad Tatree

·         Ch.Zafar iqbal Gondal

·         Shah Khalid Gondal

·         Dr.Ejaz Ahmad

·         Dr.Khalid Mehmood Gondal

·         Dr.Muhammad ashraf Sial

·         Ch.Abdul Khaliq Gondal(M.A.Islamic Studies-PTC G.M.School Pindi Rawan)

·         Dr.Munawwar ahmad Gondal

·         Ch.Liaqat Ali Gondal

·         Ch.sarwar Hussain Gondal

·         Javed Ejaz Mangat

·         Amir Shahzad Mehr

Famous Glukar POP/Folk Singer of Village


““Koee Bera Tay Boor Howay

Eho Mansha Mere Shala Sanda Mashhoor Howay“““(Batee Joya)

Batee Joya is a famous popular singer who sings punjabi Mahya.Batee Joya basically is a formar.He started his Gaeekee after a passion of love story that clearly described in his Vol-1 and Vol-2.His first recording was released in about1975 by R.Q.Music Centre Mandi Bahauddin.His first Two Volumes got a great popularity among the people of Mandi Bahauddin,Sargodha and Gujrat Areas.These Tape casetes are even available today in any Music centre of Mandi Bahauddin,Sargodha and Gujrat.Batee Joya has Described his Love Story and his Feelings Clearly in his volumes and when we hear the sound of Batee joya,the Purity of his love feelings clearly describe his passions of life.Batee Joya prove a Great singer but he could not continue his singinging due to lack of education,lack of good guidence and also due to lack of financial sources.Batee joya is still alive among us and also in our hearts.

Means Of Earning

Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services and among them most are in Teaching,Health and ARMY. Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad that’s why many peoples of the village are found in France,Spain, Greece, Itlay, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Muscat,Dubai,USA,Norway,Greek,Sauth Africa, etc. in search of their earning.

Way of living                  

Peoples of the village live a simple life. They have very friendly behavior. Peoples are very much hostile, peaceful and sincere.It very sad that a few groups are against each other and we pray for their being peacefull among each other. People of the village go to their lands to care their cattles and crops and come back in the evening so they have a very busy life.Young boys play Cricket,Volly Ball,Foot ball,Kabaddee, or play cards in their extra time. But very few still play Gullee Danda,But this play is converting to Cricket with time,we see that even a child of very poor family like to have a small bat and a ball instwead of gullee danda as we compare the attitudes of our new generation.But the old child play of““ BUNTAY““still in practice we see that our primary school kids have Buntas in their pockets and when thay return from school they gather in mohallah side grounds and play even their parents do not like that game.The School kids bear punishment from their parents but they always keep Buntas in their pockets any way.

In evening,Old and young people gather in Open Places and Daras  for Gup Shup(Talking Talking) and also smoke HUQQA,it gives them a refreshment after a long time doing hard work in thair lands.After Gup Shup they relaxed for the next day work.In this way they also discuss their matters to each other and also know about their problems and they urge each other to solve the issues collectively.

Bazars And Markets

On the main road,that passes through Sanda,there are Shops and General Stores on Both sides of road,Karyana,Vegetables and Fruit,General stores,hosery,cloth merchants,Hotel,Sweet shop,shoe stores,electrical stores are available here.Household basicals are available here but for more shopping people go to near town Miana Gondal and Head Faqiryan for buying their daily houshold needs.And some people go to Bhalwal,Sargodhha and Mandi Bahauddin Cities for buying their basical needs items.


There are total six mosques in the village, two are Jamiah Mosques.One Jamiah Mosque is on Main road in the main village, Name Masjid Jamiah Naqshbandia Rizwiah Jalaliah Sanda(Sunnee Bralvee).Late Hazrat Alhaj Molana Allama Muhammad Hussain Jalali,Fazal Arabi Daral Oloom Bhikkee Sharif, has great services for this Jamiah,After a long time he did islamic Activities in this Jamiah and will be rembered for ever for his life devotion to Islam and Sunna.Other one Jamiah in East Mohallah,Name Jamiah Ashrafiah Dewbandiah Sanda(Dewband Maslak).Late Hazrat Molana Sultan Ali,Fazil Arabi Madrasa Dewband Indea Has great admiration for his Islami Tablehghi Activities  through this Jamiah,He will be remembered as a great Mazhabi Scholar and he was the great Person who made a strong base of Dewbandwi Jamiah first time in Sanda.Third Mosque in Peoples Kalooni,Name Madni Masjid,Fourth in West Mohallah name Miani Masjid,Fifth in South side,name Pakkee walee Masjid,and Sixth is on North side of Sanda,name Shumalee Masjid.All mosques followers are very peacefull and they participate in their religious sessions held in each mosque.


There is Two shrines,one on the way to Sanda name SHAH DAY JAND. It is famous that a great Walee-Allah,Shah Baba Stay here for some time after he tired up after a long journey.And some body see His Karamat in dream and covered this area and after that here a tree of JAND grow up,so it was named as Shah Day Jand.People go to shrine and pray specially on Thursday.In shrine also there is small Masjid.We Appreciate that this shrines is always look after by the local land owners,Ch.Mehmood Khan Gondal and Sons,and the people of Sheikh Colony.So many time they rebuild the building of shrine and Mosque on with their own resources.

Other one shrine is of DOST MUHAMMAD FAQEER,located in North east side of Sanda in his own land.He was a great Wali ALLAH and Faqeer.He has a lot of Mureedain Folowers in the area.Dost Muhammad Faqeer was Mureed/ Follower of Pir Yousaf Shah ,Chabba Phularwan,and Pir Karam Shah,Bhera Sharif.There is Annual Urs on this Shrine and people/Mureedain/Follwers come from far places for Ijtmaee Dua to Allah on this shrine.

Schools and Education

Literacy rate of the village is much better. Almost 85percent kids of the village goes to school and this rate is increasing with time. There are four shools in the village:

·         Govt. Primary School Sanda.(for boys)

·         Govt.Primary School Sanda(for Girls)

·         Ghazali Model School(for Boys and Girls)

·         Khair-u-Nisa Model School(for Girls)

Islamic Education Institutions

·         Madrasa Zial ul Islam(Muntzim:Hafiz Ghulam Nabee)

·         Darulaloom Naqshbandia Jalalia Rizwia Sanda(Muntzim: Qaree Faiz Rasool)

These Islamic institutions are working very effectively for the Teaching of Islam and Sunnah.Young Kids take admission,get islamic education in Alquran and Sunnah and Hifz ALQURAN,and on completion of this institute education,they stands FARIGHULTEHSIL,they are awarded honourary certificate of Hifz ALQURAN.

Highly Qualified Persons

Although the literacy rate is good but only few persons are Master degree holders among them:

·         Dr.Muhammad Ahsan Gondal(MS-Mental Hospital Lahore)

·         Ch.Khawar abbas Gondal Advocate(B.A/ LLB)

·         Ch.Mubashar  Afzal Gondal-M.IT(IT officer, CAA,Jinnah Internation Airport Karachi)

·         Professor Shabbir Ahmad Gondal(Professor Govt.College Sargodha)

·         Dr.Muhammad Ahsan Gondal(M.B.B.S)

·         Muhammad Aslam Sial(M.A.Islamic Studies,M-Ed.)District Training Educator,Govt High School Miana Gondal

·         Dr.Muneer Ahmad(M.B.B.S.-Eye Specialist)

·         Ch.Saeed Ahmad Advocate(B.A/LLB)

·         Muhammad Ashraf Sial (B.A/Sanitary Inspector- Helath Department Panjab)

·         Muhammad Akram Abid Sial(B.A/Associate Engineer-Saudi Arabia)

·         Muhammad Ramazan Naeem(B.A.B.Ed.)

·         Ch.Muhammad Noor Jaspal Advocate(B.A/LLB-Advocate High Court)

·         Ch.Dr.Muhammad Hayat Jaspal( MSc Animal Sciences-London-U.K.)

·         Ch.Shahzad Ahmad Gondal(CSS Qualified-Custom Officer)

·         Ch.Zahid Mehmood Gondal(CSS Qualified-Depty Suprentendent Police)

·         Dr.Ehsan Elahi(M.A Urdu-Medical Technician-RHC Miana Gondal)

·         Ch.Basheer Ahmad Gondal M.A.

·         Ch.Muhammad Yousaf Gondal(Pakistan Motorway Police Inspector)

·         Professor Sikandar Hayat Gonadal (Professor Military College sialkot)

·         Captain Muhammad Umair(Pakistan army Rawalpindi)

·         Shahid Mehmood Gondal Advocate(B.A/LLB)

·         Ch.Ahmad Bakhash Advocate(High Court Law Chambers Lahore)

Health Facilities                 

There is one Basic Health Unit in the village where Medical Team,Govt.Civil Servants available to serve the people.Patients are checked and given free medicines provided by Ministory of health Panjab.

The following Medical staff is allocated for this Health Unit:

·         Dr.Noor Muhammad Incharge BHU Sanda

·         Dr.Munawwar Ahmad Medical Technician

·         Dr.Muhammad Ashraf Sial( Sanitary Inspector)

·         Chaokidar Ahmad yar

·         Muhammad Khan Naib Qasid

·         Nursing staff,Daee, Lady Health workers and Lady health Visitors also available in BHU to provide services to communities.


On time Transport Availabl for Faisalabad,Lahore,Islamabad,Gujrat,Mandi Bahauddin.People who intend to travel to any city,reach the main stop Sanda well before the Fixed Time and reach their destinations on time and very easy.Local Transport also available to the Head Faqirian,From where Transport Service is available to other cities.Most of people who intend to travel to Islamabad,Lahore and Faisalabad Choose their Journey on Motorway that Connects Main Sargopdha Road To Motorway At Salam Interchange.Ching Chee Rikshawas also available on rent any time to travel to the near locality villages and towns.

Media Facilities

In the village Television, Radio, Tape Recorder,International Direct Dialing PTCL Phones and Mobile Phones with services of all the Telecom companies are present in almost every house. Few homes in the village also possess Computers but the use of internet is still very rare,however people show interest in Internet Media. Telenor Pakistan has placed a Service Booster in Sanda that Provide very good Telenor Service in Village as compared to other mobile companies.

Flora and Fauna

As the area is very productive both animals and plants love to stay here.

Domestic animals of the village are

1.      Buffalos (bhainsein)2.      Cows and Bulls (gaey aur bael)3.      Sheeps (bhairain)4.      Goats (bakrian)5.      Horses (ghoray)6.      Donkeys (gadhay)7.      Dogs (kutay)8.      Cats (Bilian)9.      Hens (murgean)10. Rabbits (khargosh)11. Pigeons (kabutar)12.  Fishes (in forms)13.  Ducks (batkhain)

Crops of the village

Land of this village is very fertile almost every crop of the world can be grown here.People use peter engins for irrigation purposes. Major crops of the village are

1.      Wheat (gandam)2.      Rice (chawal)3.      Corn (mukai)4.      Potato (aalo)5.      Barley (jao)6.      Sugar Cane (kamad)7.      Sweet Pea (mator)8.      Chicken Pea (chana)9.      All Vegetables etc.

Also here Gardens of Kinnu,Mosammee,Flooter,Lamen,Guava around the village giving a very beatiful look to village.And also here a Kinnu Processing Plant Factory,where Kinnu is Processed,and packed for export to the Middle East Countries.This Processing Plant Managing Powers are with Mehr Family,and Mehr Shabbir Ahmad is Looking its Export Activities for Middle East Countries.

Problems of the Village’s People

Here main problem is the Road that demands its Repairing for a long time Before but no body put his attention to this typical problem.Another issue is the Lack of Educational institution.Here only Primary Schools but no Middle or high School for boys and girls for a big population and Students move to very far located middle,Secondary and Higher Secondary schools to get Education.Specially Problem for girls,to travel to far city for Middle, Secondary and Higher Secondary Educatiuon.

Wastewater Removal System

In rainy season people also face the problem of the dirty water stands around the village for long time because of non availabilty of good sewege water system,However a sewege water flowchanel passes in the west of the village,but when its clay is not cleaned in time,water does not flow and overflood to the near locality.This causes the generation of Mosqitoos,and then causes various fatal diseases.

Picture Gallery

We are collecting pictures of the village and will be enter in soonest possible time.



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