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Location of Village Sarang


Village Sarang is located in Tehsil Phalia District Mandi Bahauddin on right side of road-linked RQ Link Canal (Sarang) to Qadirabad and on right side of Mano Chak-Alipur Road. It is 38 KMs from Mandi Bahauddin City and 16 KMs from Phalia towards southeast.  Qadirabad is 23 KMs from Sarang toward west. Village Ranmal Sharif is 03 KMs toward east. (Dera Mangat a part of village Sarang is located near village Agroya)


Sarang is established since round about 200 years. The village is located right side of RQ Link Canal near Adda Ranmal Sharif.

Important Personalities

·                                 Ch. Karam Ali Tarar

·                                 Ch. Fateh Muhammad Cheema

·                                 Ch. Nazar Muhammad Tarar

·                                 Master Manzoor Ahmed Tarar, Numberdar

·                                 Ch. Noor Muhammad Mangat

·                                 Ch. Shahbaz Ahmed (Pathani), NBP

·                                 Zulfiqar Ali Mughal, Alflah Bank

·                                 Rukhsar Ahmed Mughal (K.S.A)


Population of the village is round about 2200 persons.

Nature of the People

The people of the village are very hospitable, friendly, hardworking and moderate.


Area of village is 62 Murabas.

Main Costs

·                                 Tarar

·                                 Cheema

·                                 Mangat

·                                 Warraich   

Source of Income

Main source of income of village comes agriculture sector. The persons are also in Government services and some peoples are living abroad (Spain, America, England and Middle East etc).

Neighboring Villages

*          Adda Ranmal Sharir   –           East

*          Dhabula                       –           West   

*          Bhaghat                       –           North

*          Agroya                                    –           South

Highly-Qualified Personnel


·                                 Shahbaz Ahmed (Pathani), MSC Math

·                                 Zulfiqar Ali Mughal, MA Economics

·                                 Master Manzoor Ahmed, BA B.Ed

·                                 Master Muhammad Arshad, BA

·                                 Ch. Qamer Cheema, BA

·                                 Ch. Nasar Cheema, BA


            There is no government hospital in the village however BHU Dharekan Kalan is located about 2 KMs in northwest.


Jamia Masjid Sarang


            Pir Pehlwan Shah Sb.

Welfare Organization



TV, Mobile, PTCL, Internet


Canal 15 R is irrigated the area of the village.


·                     Volley Ball, Cricket, Kabaddi


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