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Sohawa Dilloana سوہاوہ دلوآنہ

   Sohawa Dilowana سوہاوہ دلوآنہ

 Info provider: Zeeshan Tarar

Sohawa dilowana is a very famous village of Distt. mandi bahuddin and near the distt. mandi bahudin & Distt. complex .
The people of this village is very hard working & hospitable More people out of the country UK, UAE, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, K.S.A etc.
This village which is house 600 more & live in people 10000 all house very beautiful & well lighted .

Sohawa Dilowana union council no 20 of distt. mandi bahuudin and this union in which 7 village 2 village is biggest (Jhulana) and (sohawa dilowana) union council is situated on sargodha road sohawa dilowana and other 5 small village


  1. Markazi jhamia masjid
  2. Taiba masjid
  3. Raziaya mustfa jhamia masjid

Neighbour Villages:

  1. Jhulana
  2. Sohawa Bolani
  3. Wasu
  4. Adalatain abad
  5. Bhikhi Shareef

Famous Personalities of the Village:

  1. Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Tarar (vise president) of chemist and drugiest association of distt. mandi bahuddin
  2. Raza Bhadur Gondal
  3. Aman Ullha Gondal Advocate
  4. Khan Muhammad Akram gujjar
  5. Raja M. Hussain Jarral  (Director) sir syed model high school sohawa dilowana
  6. Muhammad Inyat gondal (Ex) member distt. council
    Awais ahmad gondal
  7. Syed Muhammad waqas (Director) ba-ul-ilm public school sohawa dilowana
  8. Nazr abbas gondal  (Civil judge)
  9. Shafqat saeed gondal (senior civil judge)
  10. Muhammad rafeeq gujjar (Si) C.I.D branch mandi bahudin
  11. Muhammad nawaz gondal (Si) C.I.D branch mandi bahudin
  12. Haji mazhar hussain tarar (Greece)
  13. Nasar iqbal gondal (Greece)
  14. Aurang zaib tarar (Greece)
  15. Nasar iqbal (Greece)
  16. Zubair afzaal tarar (Greece)
  17. Muhammad inyat gondal (Sudia arabia)
  18. Abdul khaliq tarar (Sudia arabia)
  19. Qanzal abbas gondal (France)
  20. (Late) Khizar hayat gondal (Axe) chair man union concil sohawa dilowana
  21. (Late) Muhammad Akbar gondal

Mazars  of the Village:

  1. Syed M kamal ali saha
  2. Syed sain sudullha
  3. Syed Ahmed Shah

Young Personalities:

  1.  Zaigam Abbas Gondal Advocate
  2.  Jamshaid Younis Gujjar
  3.  Waqar Haider Gondal (italy)
  4.  Tahir Irfan Tarar


  • Govt. girls high school
  • Govt. boys primary school

many other private school situated in sohawa dilowana some private school

  • Sir syed model high school
  • Janha model high school
  • Moon light model high school
  • Hamza model high school
  • Bab-ul-ilm public high school etc….

History and full details along with beautiful snaps of the Village will be added soon ..InshaALLAH.

                                            GOD BLESS THIS VILLAGE (Amin)

                                  Info Provider: Zeeshan Tarar, (0923367170092)

کسی بھی قسم کی درستگی کیلئے ہم سے رابطہ کریں۔ شکریہ

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