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Sufipura صوفی پورہ

Sufi Pura Mandi Baha ud Din صوفی پورہ منڈی بہاوالدین

                                  Info. IMRAN ALI (BA -LLB)Amsterdam, HOLLAND

Mandi baha ud din is newly emerging and developing city of province Punjab.although it is not a bigger city as compared to other cities of Pakistan  yet it is going towards prosperity and progress with full potential Mandi Baha ud Din is called the city f is situated in central has a very fertile territory.people of this area are very hardworking  and very highly qualified.They are serving the nation in all the fields of life.

       Mandi Baha ud din is a very historical is a planned city with a lot of characteristics.Its streets are so much wide and straight..It has nine gates which are named on SAHABA,S NAME.Main city has got a commercial fame in nearby areas.This city has become a main business centre of industry and agricultural goods.A very famous college of Asia is situated in Mandi Baha ud din namely Govt College of Technology Rasool.


If we  have a glimpse of this area we will  come to know about its boundaries
North. = River Jhelum.
West. = Tehsil Malikwal.
South. = Tehsil Phalia.
East. = District Gujrat

Sufi Pura      

Every one has a keen desire to talk about the place where he spend his life and its my pleasure to tell u about my own muhallah SUFI PURA. It was named after our very famous personality called Sufi Malik Muhammed Din. He was a very famous and respected personality of Mandi-Bahauddin. He came to Mandi-Bahauddin in 1895 and settled here. In 1906 he established one Printing Press called “Sufi Printing and Publishing Company” in Mandi-Bahauddin. In this printing press ,the books of Maulana Shibli Numani and Syed Suliman Nadvi were published. In 1911 he started one magazine called “Sufi” in Mandi-Bahauddin. In this magazine, he published the writtings of Akbar ala Abadi, Khawaja Hasan Nazami, Maulana Muhammed Ali Joher, Allama Iqbal and Professor Dr. Nickelson. The famous Poem of Allama Iqbal ” Waaleda Mahruma ki Yaad mein” was published first time in this magazine.

Sufi Malik Muhammed Din constructed the main Jameha Masjid (with big minerat) for Muslims in Mandi-Bahauddin. He established and constructed Govt. Islamia high school for the education of muslim childern in Mandi-Bahauddin. He sold his land very cheaply to muslims and there established ” Muhallah Sufi Pura“. He always struggled for the rights of Muslims in Mandi-Bahauddin. He urged the muslims to take part in the Pakistan revolution. It is in union council number 2 situated in the north of city. It is in the just beginnig of the city when you come from tehsil kharian and tehsil malakwal. It is a totally  residential area. Its location is very beautiful and charming. If we took a glimpse of this area we come to know its territory

            East: Old Rasool Road

            West: New Rasool Road

            North: Pindi Bahauddin

            South: Railway Station and a very beautiful railway  park for recretion.

         some other beautiful sites of my area are following

  • There is a very beautiful canal which is passing just in the centre of sufi pura also present a very beautiful scene.On both side of canal there is greenary and a jogging track.
  • There is another beautiful small park at the bank of a canal  which is just near to Suprident Police (SP) office which also increase the importance and beauty of sufi pura.
  • There are a lot number of private schools situated in my area which are playing a very important role in the building of a good nation. Besides this, there a govt high school for girls is also under construction in this area.
  •  A cinema for the recretion in sufi pura is  NAGINA CINEMA.
  •  SUPERIENTENDENT POLICE (SP) OFFICE is also situated in my area.
  • A very unique thing about my area is that there are almost eight streets that all are very wide and straight. One can see the other end of street standing on one end which is speciality of my muhallah.
  •       Manzoor abad in East
  •       Kot Ahmed shah in the NorthWest
  •       Main city and Usmania muhallah in the South
  •       Shafqat abad in SouthWest
  • Mughal
  • Syed
  • Gondal
  • Rehmani
  • Ranjha
  • Khawaja
  • Paracha and many others


            Kashmir street is a very famous street of sufi pura and whole city mandi bahauddin. Kashmir street is somehow seperate from other muhallah as sufi pura is in two parts one is in the north of canal and other is in the south of canal so kashmir street is in the southern part. People of kashmir street are very  hardworking and highly qualified. Almost 6 lawyers 2 doctors, police officers, mobile engineers and lecturers belong to this specific street.More than 10 students are studying abroad in  different parts of the world like Europe,USA,UK and Australia. Many good players of cricket (like Mudassar Shah) and football who are representing  mandi bahauddin in pakistan belong to kashmir street.

Famous Personalities of my area.

 Sufi Pura is famous for its literacy rate in Mandi Bahauddin. Its inhabitants are highly qualified.They are serving in all fields of life for nation. So many government high officials,bankers ,lawyers,doctors and local administration officers are residing in this area. I would like to presents few  main names such as

1. Pir Syed (late) Buggay Shah

2. Naseer ud Din Dar (chairman public safety commission)

3. Mirza Muhammad Bashir Chishti

4. Mirza Mushtaq Ahmed (advocate and notary public)
5. Syed Husnain Akht
er Naqvi (advocate)

6. Kamran Ali (ASP)

11. Dr. Shahid

Nearest Muhallas                                                               

Main Castes

People of all castes are living in sufi pura with full peace and harmony and here never  happened any dispute or clash among them. They have developed a strong community. As there are living so much people of different castes but i would like to highlight some main castes such as



Sufi Pura is a main residential,clean and tidy area of city mbdin. It has all types of facilities for every type of people. For young ones there are play grounds such as hockey ground and foot ball ground and these grounds are also main grounds of city mbdin. A very big stadium for cricket also called M.B.DIN Stadium is just on few steps to this muhallah. Beside this stadium, all types of games are being played.Once in a year in spring season there held in stadium, a very big carnival namely JASHAN E BAHARAN.


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