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Tag: 1 dirham in pakistani rupees

Dirham To Pkr

UAE dirham has become cheaper against Pakistani PKR

Dirham to PKR

The PKR is stronger against the dirham. In the United Arab Emirates, the Pakistani and Indian rupees appreciated against the UAE dirham, while the Bangladeshi taka remained stable

According to Arab media, on January 4, 2024, the UAE’s 1 AED reached Rs 76.50 against the Pakistani rupee (PKR). Now one thousand Pakistani rupees will get 13.07 dirhams.

According to the report, the value of the UAE dirham has decreased by 3 paise to Rs 22.55 against the Indian rupee. While the Bangladeshi taka is stable at 29.95 taka.

It should be noted that the value of the US dollar decreased by 27 paise against the rupee in the Pakistan Interbank, after which the rate became 281.45 rupees.

Dirham To Pkr

Riyal and Dirham Prices Dropped Significantly After Dollar

Dirham To Pkr

The Saudi riyal fell by Rs 3.70 to Rs 71.70. The UAE dirham also fell by Rs 6.30 to PKR 72.70.

Apart from the dollar, the value of Euro, Pound, UAE Dirham and Saudi Riyal also decreased on Tuesday. The Saudi riyal fell by Rs 3.70 to Rs 71.70. While the price of UAE dirham also decreased by 6.30 rupees to 72.70 rupees.

Similarly, the value of the pound fell by Rs. 13 to Rs.355 and the Euro fell by Rs. 8 to Rs.305. It should be noted that after the staff level agreement between the IMF and Pakistan, the value of the dollar in the inter-bank and open market has fallen drastically for 2 days.

Gold and Dollar Prices Will Fall In The Coming Days, Chairman Exchange

On Tuesday, on the first business day after Eid, the interbank rate of the dollar fell by another 10 rupees 55 paise. The interbank dollar fell to 275.44 at the end of the trading day. While the value of the dollar continues to decline in the open market.

In two days, the price of the US currency fell by a total of 11 rupees, after which the price of the dollar reached 279 rupees in the open market at the end of the market on Tuesday.

In this regard, Chairman Exchange Association of Pakistan Malik Bustan says that after the IMF agreement, the trend of selling dollars is increasing due to the stabilization of the value of the rupee.

As soon as Pakistan signed an agreement with the IMF, the value of the dollar has come down. Those who had held the dollar in the hope that the dollar would reach Rs 500, lost their hopes. He has claimed that the value of the dollar may reach 250 rupees. Bloomberg is also saying that the Pakistani rupee could fall to 240.