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After Gandam Scheme 2024, Wheat Rate has crashed in Punjab

After Gandam Scheme 2024, wheat rate in Punjab has been crashed. The wheat growing community in Punjab, Pakistan is currently experiencing a significant drop in prices, encouraged by the implementation of the Wheat Scheme. This move, while stabilizing grain prices and ensuring adequate returns to farmers, has inadvertently led to a sharp decline in wheat prices across the region.

Against the official minimum support price of Rs 3,900 per 40 kg, farmers are being forced to sell their produce at prices as low as Rs 3,200 per 40 kg. The maximum wheat rate in Punjab offered to farmers by private buyers is around Rs 3,600 per 40 kg. A sharp drop in the price of new wheat has been reflected in the official wholesale price of wheat compiled by the provincial government.

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According to the official price list of agricultural commodities for 12 major markets, the price of wheat in South Punjab has fallen below Rs 3,900 in the wholesale market. That is, wheat is being bought from farmers in the open market for less than 3,200 rupees.

40 kg wheat price in Pakistan today

The government has fixed the minimum support price of wheat at Rs. 3,900 per 40 kg in Pakistan today till date.

1 kg wheat price in Punjab today

According to the price of 40 kg of wheat, the price of 1 kg wheat in Punjab is 97.5 rupees.