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Honda Bike Price In Pakistan 2024 - Honda 125 Price In Pakistan - Honda 70 Price In Pakistan

Honda Bike Prices Have Been Increased Again For February 2023

Honda Bike Price In Pakistan Today February 2023

We are about to enter the new year with positive hopes for the automobile industry. While motorcycle users in Pakistan are eager to see some new surprises in the new year, we have done a brief analysis of motorcycle Honda bike price in Pakistan today February 2023.

One of the biggest signs of living in a hyperinflationary economy is that people often fail to keep track of changing prices. The same is happening in Pakistan as prices (it seems) change on a daily basis. Honda, the largest bike manufacturing and selling company in Pakistan recently increased the prices of its bikes on 1st February 2023 and yet it has again increased the prices by another Rs 35,000 on 16th February 2023.

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We can only hope that companies end this trend of price gouging and start thinking about the common man. People are already fed up with these price hikes as the November 2022 bike sales figures show a big drop compared to 2021. People are now preferring to buy used bikes instead of new ones.

This read specifically focuses on Honda Bike Price for February 2023. Let’s dive into the details to find out everything you need to know.

Model Old Price (PKR) New Price (PKR) Difference (PKR)
Honda CD 70 Rs. 128,900 Rs. 137,900 Rs. 9,000
Honda CD 70 Dream Rs. 137,900 Rs. 147,500 Rs. 9,600
Honda Pridor 100 Rs. 170,900 Rs. 181,500 Rs. 10,600
Honda CG 125 Rs. 194,900 Rs. 205,900 Rs. 11,000
Honda CG 125S-SE Rs. 230,900 Rs. 243,900 Rs. 13,000
Honda CB 125F Rs. 305,900 Rs. 330,900 Rs. 25,000
Honda CB 150F (Red, Black) Rs. 383,900 Rs. 418,900 Rs. 35,000
Honda CB 150F (Silver) Rs. 387,900 Rs. 422,900 Rs. 35,000

Honda Bike Prices Have Been Increased Again For February 2023