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Tag: 23 march day in pakistan

Public Holiday Has Been Declared On September 1

23 March will be Public Holiday on Pakistan Day

The Government of Pakistan has declared a public holiday on 23 March 2024 (Saturday) on the occasion of Pakistan Day.

سال 2024 میں کتنی چھٹیاں ہوں گی، اعلامیہ جاری؟

Pakistan Day is celebrated on March 23 every year and is designated as a national holiday by the Government of Pakistan. Islamabad becomes a scene of great celebration on Pakistan Day.

Early in the morning, a joint military and civilian parade usually passes through the streets of Islamabad as spectators show their patriotic pride. The joint military parade is broadcast live across the country. The Pakistan Day Parade is presided over by the President of Pakistan and is attended by Pakistani and foreign dignitaries.