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Tag: Bhikhi Sharif

Bhikhi Sharif

Bhikhi Sharif بھکھی شریف

Bhikhi Sharif بھکھی شریف


Village Bhikhi Sharif بھکھی شریف is situated on Sargodha road about 13km from the Distt Mandi Bahauddin.


In 1753 a lady name Bhikhi have bought this area so this village is named Bhikhi. In 1937 Hazrat Jalal uddin give base to a religious school named Jamia Muhammadia Nooria Rizvia Bhikhi. As this insinuation grows people of this area are awaited they become humble. So the name of Bhikhi is changed to Bhikhi Sharif.

Neighboring Villages


The population of bhikhi is 32,000.


This is very large community. Bhikhi sharif is divided in many Mohullas like Jalali, Balu Pori, Shumali, Jonoobi n much more.


Bhikhi Sharif

Social Personalities

  • Peer Jalaluddin Shah
  • Peer Mazhar Qayom
  • Qari Irfan
  • Muhammad Mehfooz Mushheddi
  • Master Gulam Sarver (Nazim)
  • Ch. Shabbir Ahmed Gunja (Ex Nazim)
  • Ch. Saddique Gunja (CO Phalia Shugar Mills)
  • Ch. Ashraf Gondal (civil Judge)

Highly Qualified Personalities

  • Dr. Ch. Khushi Mohammad (Ex. District Chairman)
  • Ashraf Asif Jalali
  • Ch. Ashraf Gondal (civil Judge)
  • Ch. Saqib Gondal (ASI)
  • Naveed ul Hassan Shah
  • Dr. Ch. Khushi Mohammad
  • Dr. Ch. Anwer
  • Dr. Ch. Zafar
  • Dr. Ch. Ramzan Mehdi
  • Dr. Ch. Nadeem Zafar
  • Dr. Ch. Asad Anwer
  • Dr. Ch. Hassan Anwer

People in Civil Service:

  • Civil Judges
  • Advocates
  • Teachers
  • Scholars
  • Bankers

Main Casts

  • Gondals
  • Kundhal Jatt
  • Tarar Jatt
  • Warraich Jattt
  • Sohi Jatt
  • Berwal’s Jatts
  • Ranjha
  • Bhatti
  • Gill
  • Antaal
  • Cheema
  • Wains
  • Warriach
  • Gunjas
  • Gujjars
  • Mughal
  • Mirza
  • Mochi
  • Muslim Sheikh
  • Sheikh
  • Taeli
  • Alvi
  • Arrain
  • Machi
  • Lohar
  • Raja
  • Kubhar
  • Qureshi
  • Faqeer
  • Ranay

and all working Casts

Famous Families:

  1. Syed Jalal Shah
  2. Doctor Ch. Khushi Mohammad (Doctors Family)
  3. Gamay ka
  4. Qalika family
  5. Rajay ka
  6. Rahmay Ka


Nature of People

Nature of people is very friendly due to the teaching of the peer Jalal uddin & his sons.

Source of Income

Major ocupation of the people is Agriculture. But 70% people are abroad.

Schools, Collages

  • Government Inter College for boys
  • Government High School  for girls
  • Golden future Public school
  • Islamic college for girls

Mosques and Madrasas

  • Jamia Mosque Jalali
  • Jamia Mosque Sher e Rubbani
  • Jamia Mosque Khajoor Wali

Main crops and fruits

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Cereals

Mazars and Other Historical Buildings

  • Mazar of Jalaluddin

Welfare Organizations

  • Jutt welfare society

Free time & Hobby

  1. Shooting Ball
  2. Cricket
  3. Foot Ball
  4. Kabuddi
  5. Kushti

Main Problems of this Village

  1. Educational problems faced by girls and boys of the village and missing teachers in schools and all promises of our leaders that they made in past or in recent election about this village and its people.
  2. Medical problems- No big hospital nearby
  3. Roads condition is very bad
  4. No Play ground / Park
  5. And all others problems what you see in daily life of people of this village

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)