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Bhinder Kalan bhindar kalan بھنڈر کلاں

Bhinder Kalan بھنڈر کلاں

Bhinder Kalan بھنڈر کلاں

By: Sheraz Masood Gondal


Bhinder Kalan بھنڈر کلاں or Bhindar Kalan is a village situated in Tehsil Phalia, district Mandi-bahauddin in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is situated 30 km south east of the district capital -Mandi-Bahauddin and 14 km east of the famous town of Phalia. The population of Bhinder Kalan is about 2,000. The literacy rate is above 80%.

Bhinder Kalan is well cultivated area the main crops are wheat rice and sugar cane, most people are farmers and government servants. This proud village is continuous developing from the partition (1947). In the education sector this village showed a great effort. This village gave great personalities to the great nation of Pakistan. Especially in education, politics, army, engineering and agricultural.

The young generation of the village has tendency to move to aboard like Middle East, Europe, and USA etc. to serve their families. The village has good religious tradition.


The main tribes of the village are:

  • Ranjha
  • Gondal
  • Nearest Villages
Serial & Name Village Muslims Non Muslims Total Population
Kot Sattar Gharbi 747 1 748
Do-Burji 661 1 662
Kot Rehm Shah 1843 x 1843
Kotli Khurd 680 1 681
Haiger Kurd 799 2 801
Helan 5266 220 5486
Rajoa 1301 119 1420

Main Crops

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugarcane
  • Potato
  • Jowar (sorghum)
  • Maize
  • Bajra (millet)
  • Berseem
  • Lucerne.

Social Personalities:

The residents of the Bhinder Kalan have always faced the challenges collectively. However following personalities have shown great concern over the welfare of the village in social and communal activities.

  1. Muhammad Ashraf Ranjha DEO (Retd.)
  2. Manzoor Ahmed Social Worker, Ex. Counselor

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information is provided by Sheraz Masood Gondal

If you want to modify information, feel free to contact us or comment us in comment section.