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Tag: chak no 33

chak no 33 khasa mandi bahauddin

Chak No 33 Khasa چک نمبر 33

Chak No 33 Khasa چک نمبر 33

Info: Irfan Hussain


Chak No 33 Khasa village چک نمبر 33 is lies in Tehsil Malakwal district Mandi Bahauddin on Gohar road. In 1905 people migrated to this Chak from Gujrat due to flood reasons. Those people were from village Khasa (gujrat)


Area of the Khasa is 10.5 murabbas

Neighboring Villages

  1. Rukkan – west
  2. Gojra – east
  3. Chak No 16 – north
  4. Bukkan – south


Population of the village is round about 1,500 heads

Source of Income

Source of income of people of the village is agricultural areas and Govt services, abroad livings

chak no 33 khasa mandi bahauddin
chak no 33 khasa mandi bahauddin

Nature of People

  1. Hospitable
  2. Political Workers
  3. Loving
  4. Caring

Village Khasa is also very famous for tonguas which are run by Gondal familly.

Social Workers

  • Syed Imdad Hussain Shah
  • Jahan Khan (Chubary Wala )
  • Khurram Ali Khawar Warraich
  • Nazir Numberdar
  • Liaqat Numberdar
  • Sir Abbas
  • Muhammad Boota
  • Khadam Hussain Ka
  • Sufi Manzoor
  • Taswar Jameel NumberDar
  • Ahmed Tarar
  • Irfan Hussain (Muhgal)
  • Sohail Manzoor
  • Muhammad Nabeel Gondal
  • Idress Muhgal
  • Haji Nazir Hussain Tahir (Mughal)

Highly Qualified persons

  1. Prof Irfan Hussian (Chairman of Peace College of Technology, Rawalpindi )
  2. Rizwan Sohail (Civil Engineer)
  3. Master Manzoor Hussian (Principal of Girl College)
  4. Ishfaq Hussian Tarar (advocate)
  5. Muhammad Boota
  6. Abbas Hussain
  7. Ikram Sohail (Ccholar)
  8. Sohaib Inayat Warraich (Acca From UK)
  9. Dr. Imran Razaq Warraich (MBBS New York)
  10. Dr. Saghir Hussain (MBBS Russia)
  11. Jahan Khan (Irrigation Department)
  12. Khurram Ali Khawar Warraich (Rescue 1122)
  13. Muhammad Boota (Secretary )
  14. Umer Draz (Federal Board of Revenue)


  • Govt Primary School for boys
  • Govt Girls Primary School

Medical sector

  • Dr Shah sahib
  • General Medial Centre


Jamia Masjid Markazi


  1. Gondal 20%
  2. Arain 10%
  3. Tarar 15%
  4. Mughal 20%
  5. Warraich 45%


  • Mian Muhammad Qazi
  • Baba Umar shah Tibba


Three canals in the west of village

  1. Bhachar canal
  2. Kakowal canal
  3. Head Khokhar branch


  1. Wheat
  2. Rice
  3. Sugar cane


  • Cricket
  • Kabaddi
  • Volleyball

Union council office

Office of the union council Gojra is here in village Khasa.

Communication sector

  • PTCL
  • Internet
  • Mobiles


Industrial area

In the village there are two areas of wood .which are very famous for creating very beautiful furniture.

The Soul That Sees Beauty May Sometimes Walk Alone

Information provide by:

Khurram Ali Khawar

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