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chak no. 44

Chak No 44 چک نمبر

Chak No چک نمبر 44

By Rana Asif Iqbal


Our Village is Chak No 44 چک نمبر. Its old name were Ahmad Ki Abaadi and Chak No. 9. Our village is 14km for away from Gojra and 45 km from mandi bahauddin. Its fertile land is about 56 Acre. There is a govt. high school for boys and Govt. Middle School for Girls. Our village also has a post office. Kinno of our village are very tasty and famous streets  of our village are straight and vast.

Nearest Villages

  1. Chak No. 45
  2. Chak No. 43
  3. Baryar
  4. Pipli

Educated Personalities

  • Rana Javed Iqbal (MA Political Science)
  • Rana Asif Iqbal (MA mass communication) working in Wateen Telecom
  • Saleem Bhatti (BA/LLB) Senior Politician


  1. Govt. High School
  2. Govt. Girls Elementary School

Casts of the Village

  • Mughal
  • Bhatti
  • Arrain
  • Muslim Shaikh
  • Warraich
  • Nambardar
  • Rana
  • Malik
  • Mahar
  • Ghumman


There are three Mosques and one Church and one Imam Bargah in this village.


  • Rice
  • Sugar Cane
  • Wheat
  • Kinnow
  • Melon

vegetables of all types

Problems of the village

there is no facility of hospital. The main problem is that there is no girls high school in our village. There is lack of education in our village children so that they involves in bad activates like drug addiction, wandering etc.

chak 44

مدثر اقبال مغل۔03036873690

Mobile: 03458655013