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Tag: chak no. 9

village Bhoa Hassan بھوا حسن

Chak No. 9 Kartarpur

Chak No. 9 Kartarpur چک نمبر 9

Information Provided By: Nusrullah Rajput


My Village Name is Kartarpur. It is 10 KM far from Tehsil Malakwal, district Mandi Bahauddin.

Nearest Villages:

  • Head Shahpur


There a 2 primary schools each for boys and girls. There is also a Madrisa in this village and a Masjid.

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Munir Ahmed Rajput (SHO) Punjab Police
  • Nusrullah Javid Rajput

Political Personalities:

  1. Munir Ahmad Rajpoot (PP)
  2. Muhammad Israr
  3. Javed Iqbal Rajpoot
  4. Siddique Gujjar
  5. Mian Akram
  6. Faisal Nadeem (Advocate)

Famous Personalities:

  1. Abdullah Rajpoot
  2. Usman Gujjar
  3. Aqib Gujjar
  4. Nadeem Rajpoot
  5. Anwar Rajpoot
  6. Mehfooz Gujjar
  7. Malik Bilal
May Allah Bless This Village

Information Provided By: Nusrullah Rajput



Last Edited On 15 August, 2022