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Tag: Dhok Kasib

Dhok Kasib Imran Naseer Shaheed Dhok Kasib

Dhok Kasib ڈھوک کاسب

Dhok Kasib ڈھوک کاسب


Dhok Kasib ڈھوک کاسب village is situated in district Mandi Bahauddin in Punjab province of Pakistan. Its geographical coordinates are 32° 34′ 0″ North, 73° 38′ 0″ East. Dhok kasab is also called “Wadda Lok”  (Big Village) in nearby areas. The founder of the village was Kasab one of the elders of Sahi’s.


This is the largest village of area known as Sahian. The other villages are Dhok Nawan Lok including Chah Mithha, Dhok Murad, Dhok Saharan, Dhok Jauri, Dhok Daud, Dhok Shahani and Tibbi Molowal. However current union counsal comprises of Dhok Kasab, Dhok Nawan Lok, Tibbi Molowal, Dhok Murad, Dhok Saharan and Dhok Jauri.

It is about 20 km  away from Mandi Baha-ud-Din in south east and about 6 km south of famous town of Chillianwala railway station. The population of the Dhok Kasib is about 8,000 people. The literacy rate is above 80%.

The Dhok Kasab is a well cultivated area. The most of people are formers and government servants. This proud village is continuously developing since the partition (1947). The devoting people of the village has shown great interest on every need and crises. This village always provided many great personalities to the great nation of Pakistan. Specially in education, politics, army, and engineering. The young generation of the village has tendency to move to aboard like middle east, Europe, USA etc. to serve their families. The village has good religious traditions.

Culture of the Village:

The atmosphere of the village is open-minded and a little religious. There is one central community center (chupal) in the village. The individuals in the village have established the private chupal in large numbers. The promising youth is in touch with sports and discussions. So chupals and the grounds remain always occupied.

Main Crops:

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugarcane
  • Potato
  • Fodder crops
  • Jowar (sorghum)
  • Maize
  • Bajra (millet)
  • Berseem
  • Lucerne.

Nearest Villages:

The village is surrounded by a circular road and is interlinked with all sides of nearby villages.

Main Castes:

  • Jatt Sahi (majority)
  • Jatt Gonda
  • Arain
  • Gujjar

Social Personalities of the Village:

The residents of the Dhok Kasab have always faced the challenges collectively. However following personalities have shown great concern over the welfare of the village in social and communal activities.

  • Ghulam Abbas Sahi (late) Ex. Chairman UC Dhok Kasab
  • Sayee Muhammad Sahi (late) Ex. Counsellor
  • Sufi Sardar Khan Sahi (late)
  • Batti Khan Sahi (late)
  • Ghulam Rabbani Arif (late) Ex. Counsellor
  • Muhammad Zulqarnain Sahi Ex. Member DC (Distt. Gujrat)
  • Riaz Farooq Sahi (businessman) Nazim UC Dhok Kasab, Chairman Pakistanis Association UAE
  • Akhtar Mahmood Sahi (businessman) Ex. Nazim UC Dhok Kasab
  • Khalid Mahmood Sahi Nazim UC Chak Basawa
  • Saleem-ul-Allah Sahi (businessman)
  • Mian Abdul Majid
  • Muhammad Saghir (Ret.) Headmaster Govt. Primary School Dhok Kasib
  • Lal Khan Sahi Ex. Counsellor
  • Safdar Iqbal Sahi advocate
  • Muhammad Shehbaz Sahi Ex. counsellor
  • Nazir Ahmad Ex. Counsellor
  • Tariq Mehmood Sahi MPA

Highly Qualified Personalities of Village:

  • Muhammad Rafique Sahi (Ret.) SDO
  • Jahan Khan Bhatti (Ret.) Federal Secretary Islamabad
  • Sher Muhammad Saleem (Ret.) Headmaster Govt. High School Chak No. 1
  • Syed Anyat Ali Shah (First Graduate of the village)
  • Professor (Ret.) Muhammad Sadiq Sahi (Government Zamindar Degree Collage Gujrat.)
  • Abdul Hafeez Gujjar -Vice President  & senior Auditor the Bank of Punjab
  • Khalid Rashid – Warehouse Incharge (Syngenta) Multan Region
  • Zia-ul-Saheen- M.A Political Science (Director Ghazali School Systems Rawalpindi Zone)
  • Ejaz Ahmad Sahi Advocate Mandi Bahauddin
  • Aftab Ahmad Sahi (B. Pharmacy) ex. Drug Inspector district Gujrat
  • Shafiq-ur-Rehman (B. Pharmacy)
  • Sikandar Sahi (Lecturer of Commerce- govt. commerce collage M.B.Din)
  • Muhammad Nawaz Sahi (Ret.) Principal Govt. Higher Secondary School Dhok Kasib
  • Nasir Iqbal Mujahid (writer) Gujranwala
  • Muhammad Ishaque  (DAE, Graduate) working in a multinational BHP of Australia
  • Muhammad Ilyas M.A History
  • M. Rizwan Ashraf M.Sc. Chy, SST (Science)
  • M. Ashraf (Sub Engineer Guddu)
  • Major Qasair Farooq sahi (Shaheed) Pakistan Army. South Wazirstan at Oct20,2009

Martyrs Of Mandi Bahauddin

Dhok Kasib Mandi Bahauddin

Social Welfare Organizations

Daira Sukhe-Ka: About 40 Deras of Dhok Kasib are without any proper road and Electricity in this modern era. Also there were more such problems faced by the people of these deras. To solve such problems, its need of time to take proper action and planning. For such purpose, the organization “Daira Sukhe-Ka” was made who president is Ch. Muhammad Khan Sahi and voice president is Abdul-Qadus Sahi, Ch. Imran Sahi as Manager and Muhammad Kamran as general sector. This organization consists of 15 people. For social and welfare work, planning is under going to solve road and electricity problems. This organization is pure non-political. The purpose of this organization is to serve the public without any own personal benefit and to create awareness in public about their problems and way to solve such problems. The president Muhammad Khan Sahi said that if one made strict decision to work then every difficult problem can be easily solved. We will try to make our area as example for other areas of district as well as Pakistan. Everybody of this area welcome this organisation.

  • An Introduction of the Residents of the Dhok Kasib House

Its 1982 & 1983 when there were living seven students in a rented accommodation in Muhallah Khalidabad in GUJRAT city to carry on their studies. Any one of them was unable to afford the lodging expenditures. This house was called DHOK KASIB HOUSE there. These were Muhammad Anwar Fakher, Abdul -Aziz Gujjar, Anyat-ul-Allah Qamar, Muhammad Asghar Sajid, Muhammad Iqbal Tahir, Muhammad Jamil and the late Zahid Rashid.

  • Zahid Rashid- the beloved one, the dearest to all, always having a smiling face was the student of B.Sc. in Government Science Degree Collage Gujrat. He left this world in March05, 1988 in a fatal road accident.
  • Muhammad Anwar Fakher: Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies in Government Degree Collage Mandi-Bahauddin. He is an M.A in Islamic Studies, having teaching experience in various collages. A renowned Islamic academician and a scholar started his carrier as meter reader from WAPDA. This is the story of workmanship.
  • Abdul Aziz Gujjar:  Principal of Government Higher Secondary School Dhok Kasib District Mandi Bahauddin. He is an M.A in Islamic Studies, M.Ed., did specialization in Education Administration. Mr. Abdul Aziz Gujjar completed his DAE in auto & diesel technology from Swedish Pakistani Institute of Technology Gujrat. He joined as technical training instructor in IBAD and then Punjab Education Department as technical teacher and achieved the landmarks in education sector through continue learning and persistent determination.
  • Anyat-ul-Allah Qamar: Lecturer (URDU) in Government Degree Collage Mandi-Bahauddin. He is a well-known debater, writer, calligrapher, inspiring public speaker and a renowned tutor.  He has written many stories for children. Mr. Anyat-ul-Allah Qamar is author of many syllabus books for high schools and now is a brand name for syllabus books in district Mandi-Bahauddin.
  • Muhammad Asghar Sajid:M. Phil. Pharmacy. Punjab University Brilliant in his studies and was a good player of field hockey. Now he is working in Health Ministry in KSA.
  • Muhammad Iqbal:  Shift Charge Engineer PAKISTAN TELEVISION ISLAMABAD. B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering, M.A Islamic Studies. Mr. Iqbal is also a unique example of perseverance and hardworking.
  • Muhammad Jamil:  Member of O&M team in ESB International Investments at Rousch Power Plant. DAE (Instrumentation), B.A Islamia University Bahawalpur
  • Late Prof. Ghulam Qadir Sahi: Late Professor Ghulam Qadir Sahi (1950 – 2001) a professor of Indo-Pak History with deep interest in Islamic History, was also the editor of magazine Khirman in District College Mandi-bahauddin, a respectable persons due to his scholarship.

Schools and Colleges in the Village:

In the education sector this village showed a great effort. In 1901, a primary school was established. In 1981 it was converted into a middle school. Late Professor Ghulam Qadir Sahi was the fisrt Headmaster of the Middle School.In 1982, the middle school was upgraded to secondary level andPir Iftikhar Ahmad Taj was the fisrt Headmaster of the High School. He left  the great influence on the young generation of the area.

Now a days it is serving the rural area as a Government Higher Secondary School Dhok Kasib.
The educational institutions are:

  • Government Higher Secondary School Dhok Kasab

Mr. Imran Saleem Gondal stood first in district Mandi Bahauddin. The hockey team of the school has remained the runner-up of Gujranwal Division. In vollyball and football this school has also brilliant records in the district.

  • Governmet High School for Girls (Dhok Nawan Lok)
  • Government Community Middle School for girls
  • Ghazali Education Trust School
  • Jamia Binnat-ul-Islam
  • Mustafai School System (Dhok Nawan lok)
  • Two Beautiful Jamia Mosques are built in the village

The village is equipped with a basic health unit and one veterinary hospital. The playground of Government Higher Secondary School remains always busy in the evening. The volleyball practice remains continue in every season.

In 1980s, Al-Badar Hockey club was very famous in district Gujrat. A district level tournament was organized in Dec. 1986 in the village. An all Pakistan level volleyball (shooting) was also organized by the village in 2002.

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)