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Tag: Dhunni Kalan

village dhunni kalan mandi bahauddin

Dhunni Kalan دھنی کلاں

Dhunni Kalan دھنی کلاں

Info. by Mazhar Tarar

My village Dhunni Kalan دھنی کلاں is located in South-West part of District Mandi bahauddin in Tehsil Phalia. Its a historical village whose roots go back to Mughal period. This village is divided in two parts, one is called Dhunni Kalan and other called Dhunni Khurd. Population (inhabitants) of the Dhunni Kalan is approximately 4000 people.

History & Founder of the village

It was name of a woman called Dhunni. They were two sisters and two brothers. In river Chenab, there was one Waan, there used to live Sikh families. Presently there are 4 villages with names of these two sisters and two brothers. The sister names were Dhunni and Chytoo and two brothers called Dhala and Mehr Kot. These all villages basically belong to Tarar Family. Other families in village Dhunni Kalan are Virk who came from nearby town Mianwal, Aghraa family and Gondal families live here too. Gondal families came from Rehrka. There are 3 main Parts (Mohullas) and braudaries in this village:

  1. Rasul Bakhish s/o Ghulam Muhammad Tarar (called Pir Muhammad ki Wand). Rasul Bakhish was Zaildaar of this village (In old times , those person who had more lands than others called Zaildar of the village). Also one other famous person of this Wand was Chairman Ghulam Rasul s/o Ghulam Qadir Tarar.
  2. Muhkum din ki Wand ( Wand means parts of the family)
  3. Muhammad Inayat ki Wand.

These all 3 were the sons of Dhunni. Pir Muhammad was very famous in all area due to his social work and hospitability. Other social personalities of this village are.

Muhammad Sadiq Numbardar s/o Rasul Bakhish. In Muhkum ki Wand, there were Ghulam Qadir s/o Chanan Tarar famous for his genericity and social work. Now a days his son Muhammad Akram Tarar ex. Chairman is fully involved in social activies of the village. In Anayat ki Wand, now a days Mukhtar Ahmed and Parvaiz Ahmed who are sons of Fazal Karim tarar are famous for social work of the village.

Its boundaries touch with Dhunni Khurd in South, with Mehr Kot in northwest, with Chaytoo in South-west, with Bhua Hasan in South and Dhala Shaheed in west.Village.people are polite and hardworking. It is considered as example for its extra ordinary economic progress in the nearby villages.

village dhunni kalan mandi bahauddin

Source of income:

Agriculture is the main source of income. Some people are also in government jobs and working abroad.

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Sajid Mehmood s/o Ghulam Muhammad Tarar (Advocate)
  • Naeem s/o Nazir Ahmed Tarar (Advocate)
  • Saleem s/o Nazir Ahmed Tarar (Advocate)
  • Ijaz Ahmed s/o Riaz Ahmed Mochi (Advocate)
  • Master Aftab s/o Ghulam Ali Tarar (science Teacher)
  • Prof. Pervaiz s/o Fazal Karim Gondal (Prof. Govt. College Bhoa Hassan)

Culture of the Village:

It has Typical village culture

Schools, Collages, Mosques and Madrasas:

  1. Boys Elementary School
  2. Girls Primary School
  • Four mosques
  • One Madrisa
  • A private English medium school

are serving the village.

Hospitals, Medical Stores and Shops:

Private clinics are present. A huge bulk of shops are available.

Main castes

  1. Tarar
  2. Virk
  3. Gondal
  4. Aghraa

Main crops and fruits:

  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Sugarcane
  • Kinnoo
  • Fodder crops

Media and Communication:

Telephone and television

Free time & Hobby

A small canal passes through the lands of this village which irrigates and provides a scenic point for the people.


  • Volleyball
  • Kabbadi
  • Killi Bandar
  • Gulli Danda
  • Cricket

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information provided by: Mazhar Tarar