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Tag: election vacation in pakistan 2024

election vacations in Pakistan - Summer Vacation 2024 in Punjab - Expected dates

How many vacations will there be in Pakistan for election 2024?

Election Vacations In Pakistan

General Election 2024 is about two weeks away. Reports suggest that there will be eight vacations in the month of February in educational institutions in Pakistan due to Election.

Meanwhile, according to the news circulating on social media, there will be eight holidays from February 4 to February 12 in educational institutions across Pakistan.

سال 2024 میں کتنی چھٹیاں ہوں گی، اعلامیہ جاری؟

According to the details, February 4 is Sunday, February 5 is Kashmir Day, while February 6 to 10 will be an election holiday in Pakistan. February 11 will again be a Sunday and thus schools, colleges and universities will reopen on February 12 after eight holidays.

However, there was no confirmation from any government official in this regard.

Punjab winter vacations extension news notification, schools timings changed

As the election campaign officially begins, candidates of all political parties have started corner meetings and door-to-door canvassing as the 2024 general elections are scheduled to be held on February 8.