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Tag: expected petrol price in january 2024 in pakistan

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Expected Petrol Prices in Pakistan from January 1, 2024

Expected Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Unlike the global market, petrol is likely to be cheaper in Pakistan. The new prices of petroleum products will be implemented from 1st January, the question in everyone’s mind is what will be the expected petrol prices in Pakistan from 1st January 2024?

The government of Pakistan is ready to give more relief to petroleum consumers. The price of petrol is likely to decrease by Rs 1.72 per litre. However, the price of High Speed Diesel (HSD) is expected to increase marginally by around Rs 1 per liter due to a slight increase in international diesel prices.

Product Current Price Expected Price
MS Petrol Rs. 267.34 Rs. 265.62
Hi-Speed Diesel Rs. 277.21 Rs. 277.21

According to the report, under the influence of the global market, the new price of petrol in Pakistan is Rs 265.62 per liter, while the price of diesel is likely to be Rs 277.21 per liter after the expected increase.

According to the data, the prices in the global market have not gone to the old level and the rupee is also stable, so a slight decrease in the price of petrol is expected. The new prices of petroleum products will be applicable from January 1, which will be officially announced on Sunday, December 31 after 11 pm.

It should be noted that the expected decrease in the price of petrol is the result of a slight decrease in the prices of international petroleum products since the review of the last 15 days. Brent plunged before pricing on December 15, which has since recovered. But it’s still below $80. Brent was at $85 at the end of November and has since fallen. So the government made petrol 14 rupees cheaper.